Products for food retailers and other food industries

Shopping centres, retail and beverage retailers, airports and train stations, food retailers, supermarkets or petrol stations and kiosks – wherever food is offered, customers appreciate it when goods are clearly arranged and presented in a structured way. Sufficient freedom of movement and cleverly designed shopping trolleys also make for a positive shopping experience.

At Wanzl, we offer you products that make a significant contribution to ensuring that customers feel at home in your store. In addition, megatrends such as the emergence of new technologies and increasing connectivity present new challenges for all industries. In this respect, too, you can rely on our expertise and the resulting solutions.

Convenient and efficient solutions

Wanzl products for food retailers

Whether you are presenting food, transporting it or selling it – Wanzl offers you specific products and convenient solutions for all these areas.

  • Wanzl’s wide range of displays has just the right model for every application. The presentation of fresh goods plays an important role in the food retail sector. Our wooden pallet box is particularly useful here. It has space for up to 4 standardised fruit and vegetable crates and can be easily moved by means of a pallet truck.
  • The tables manufactured by Wanzl are robust and are used to present products in an appealing way, such as baked goods.
  • Shelf systems and furnishing solutions such as the BakeOff® series or the gondola head superstructure encourage impulse buying thanks to their attractive design.
  • Wanzl shopping trolleys help your customers to transport the goods they are purchasing. Once the shopping has been done, they can be stored in one of our trolley shelters until the next customer wants to use them. 
  • Our retail software helps you to connect all the business areas of your store. In addition, after having obtained consent from your customers, you can collect a variety of data on their shopping behaviour and use it profitably.

Interesting fact

Wanzl products are also ideally suited for use in the household products and non-food sectors!

Creating modern shopping experiences

Wanzl shop concepts for the food sector

Our experts at Wanzl are constantly working on relevant megatrends. The findings are incorporated into the development of new shop formats that meet customers’ expectations.

The right support

360-degree service from Wanzl

Once you have purchased a Wanzl product or implemented a customised shopfitting concept, our services come into play: should you require assistance with the maintenance of our products or with ordering spare parts, we will be happy to help.

Real-world impressions

References from the food sector

Wanzl implements small-space concept for V-Markt

Large-scale operator opens first V-mini in Kaufbeuren

Netto Polska (PL)

Retail expert Wanzl supports Netto Polska in remodeling around 250 stores

Wanzl and Bünting allow for more flexible shopping thanks to extended opening hours

The hybrid small-space Combi City concept in Emden allows customers to shop on their own during off-peak times

Sharjah Cooperative (UAE)

Wanzl joins forces with Aichinger to create Sharjah Cooperative hypermarket in the newly opened Rahmania Mall