The economical one: Tantum 9®

It's worth taking a closer look: the new Tantum 9 chambermaid trolley is the most economical in an international price comparison.

Manufactured at Wanzl in Leipheim, Swabia, it has everything you need a long-life quality product for flawless performance and impeccable housekeeping services. Globally, in-house and outsourced. The Wanzl Hotel Service Team guarantees this.

The standard equipment of the Tantum 9 alone is convincing. Its solid powder-coated steel construction with two height-adjustable wire shelves, plus one wire shelf with top edge (U-shape) and one wooden shelf below, makes it very stable and provides ample space for daily chambermaid duties. Hotel linen and guest supplies for bathrooms and guest rooms as well as cleaning equipment can be neatly stowed away and clearly organised. The side panels of the Tantum 9 are also all height-adjustable. At the top are two ergonomically rounded hangers, protecting hands from injuries and laundry and rubbish bags from tearing, and hanging them up is as easy as pie. One side is intended for the high-quality, anthracite-coloured polyester laundry bag which can be washed at 90 degrees Celsius. Opposite is the hanger for the 120-litre rubbish bag, which is also equipped with a folding lid for visual appeal and odour protection. Both side parts have base grates that can withstand loads of up to 20 kilograms, which can be used, for example, for beverage crates and buckets, for special waste disposal or even for special applications. The side sections can be removed, for space-saving storage in the chambermaid’s office after the laundry and rubbish bags have been taken care of. 

Why is the Tantum 9 so economical?

Exactly, we haven’t even mentioned plastic yet. Chambermaid trolleys that are partly or entirely made of plastic cannot withstand even minor damage such as cracks, dents or the like. The plastic breaks, there are usually no spare parts and plastic chambermaid trolleys must therefore usually be completely replaced. No plastic was used in the Tantum 9 for all the skeleton components. Its rear panel is made of hard-wearing, impact-resistant wood. It also serves as a privacy and dirt screen and, like the side panels and wire shelves, can be retrofitted if required. In other words, its long service life makes the Tantum 9 so economical. The Tantum 9 is not only an economical all-rounder thanks to its manoeuvrability provided by the four Wanzl swivel castors with rubber tread, but especially thanks to its deflectors in proven Wanzl quality. This means that these deflector rollers are not "rigidly seated" but move, i.e. deflect, the moment they bump into something. So, come what may: walls and furniture are protected from damage, and repair work on the critical corridor and elevator corners is practically a thing of the past.



Why is the Tantum 9 so affordable? 

The sustainable and high-quality production in Germany has already been mentioned. The functionality, retrofittability and durability of the Tantum 9 have also been mentioned. The basic model has everything you need: an ideal size, a classic colour, at a reasonable price. Of course, the Tantum 9 can be individually equipped for different internal housekeeping processes as well as for outsourced, tailor-made cleaning services, depending on the application. Accessories and attachments such as the lockable top box, small items basket, brochure holder and waste separation boxes are optionally available. 

More information about the various accessories can be found at: www.wanzl-shop.de 

For shrewd finance managers, the Tantum 9 is certainly worth its price, offering enough welcome leeway in commercial costings of many kinds, such as different contract types, depreciation or cost optimisation plans. 

The new Tantum 9 – a name that lives up to its promises: hotel service made in Germany.