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Transport trolleys

Transport trolleys from Wanzl are designed especially for the transport of large and heavy or bulky objects. The various transport trolley model series are used in both speciality markets and warehouses. Tabletops and kitchen tops for the kitchen can be transported easily with the practical trolleys from the SP series. The trolleys are available with non-slip wood or wire platforms that make it easy to transport large and heavy objects from the rack to the checkout at DIY stores, and then out to the car park and the customer’s vehicle.

Special transporters SP2, SP3, SP4

Transport loads easily and conveniently

Cardboard packaging trolley KT-VP1

For the provision of packing materials in a variety of different sizes

FlexCart transport trolley

Practical load carrier for building and garden centres

KT-T table trolley

As a mobile workstation or for small order picking jobs

L panel transporter

For the specialist department in DIY stores

MUC® 200

Ideal for a wide variety of transport tasks in speciality shops

MUC® 300

Specially designed for garden centres and DIY stores

MUC® 400

C+C markets and larger speciality stores trust it

Panel transporter with plug-in guide bars

For transporting panels, windows, mattresses, etc.

S panel transporter

The secondary trolley for transporting panels

SP5 Special Transporter

For shopping in DIY stores

Special transporter SP2 M

The all-purpose transporter for furniture, accessories and decorative items

T21 transport trolley

With folding wire shelf

T24 transport trolley

Tried-and-tested in building and garden centres

T25 transport trolley

The small assistant for a wide range of areas

T26B transport trolley

Equipped to meet the needs of your customers

T31B transport trolley

The strong solution for large shopping trips

T40 transport trolley

Practical assistance for cash and carry stores

WBR floor roller

The transporter and order picking trolley in one

T series for professionals

With the T series, Wanzl has created a range of transport trolleys for use in beverage outlets, cash & carry stores and DIY stores. In other words, they can be used in all stores where customers purchase many different types of merchandise with very different weights. The T26B is a tried-and-tested workhorse that has a large loading platform made of wood and a wire basket mounted under an ergonomically shaped handle. Customers can thus transport small items separately from large beverage crates or sacks of potting soil etc. Depending on the merchandise they sell, retailers can also order the T26B in a smaller version or without a wire basket. Wanzl focuses fully on the needs of customers from all different retail sectors when designing its transport trolleys. 

The castors are the key

A good transport trolley needs to have good wheels. All shopping and transport trolleys from Wanzl stand out through the use of the tried-and-tested Wanzl bonded-on castor technology that ensures a high-load capacity, solid directional stability and smooth running. The transport trolley castor treads are made of rubber and some of them have plastic deflector rings. Several models also come with a fifth castor mounted in the middle that makes steering easier and prevents the trolley from being dragged sideways down inclines by its weight.