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Luggage trolleys

Suitcases, travel bags, small and large pieces of luggage – everything should be easy to transport. Wanzl offers practical luggage trolleys for hotels, airports, train stations or hospitals, featuring stylish design and durability. Our luggage trolleys fall into two categories: for hotel staff, porters and reception staff we offer practical luggage trolleys which are used in the hotel trade and tourism. We also produce luggage trolleys for use by travellers themselves at airports or train stations.

Voyager Evolution 3000/3000 BL

Unique design in premium quality

Travel 300

Luggage transport trolley – simple and convenient

Airport-Shopper NG

Attractive and timeless design

GS-Lobby luggage collection trolley

The elegant luggage collection trolley

Porter Trolley 2000 NG

The high-capacity luggage collection trolley

Trolley tracking

For optimised fleet management

Aera® 300 L

The stylish luggage transport trolley

Airport-Shopper ES

Ideal for escalators

Combi C400

A slim trolley that fits through the tightest and busiest of spaces

Combi E300

A luggage trolley for your fleet upgrade

Easy 400

Small but high-quality trolley for hand luggage

Easy 88

The basic airside shopping trolley


Safety on escalators

GS-Group luggage collection trolley

The luggage collection trolley for group luggage

GS-Trend luggage collection trolley

The extravagant luggage collection trolley

Maintenance & Inventory

Maintenance and stock keeping

Tourist 3000

An unpretentious all-rounder

Travel 400/3

A classic on four wheels

Voyager 3000/Voyager 3000 EX

Reliable technology and impressive design

Voyager 4000/Voyager 4000 EX

Extended Voyager model with four castors

Staff and service workers rely on Wanzl luggage trolleys

Luggage collection trolleys help staff to save time and work more efficiently. To provide the best service possible to hotel guests and travellers, our manoeuvrable luggage trolleys ensure that suitcases and other items of luggage are quickly and easily transported. We have a suitable professional product for any type of luggage. The GS-Compact provides a particularly large loading area with fold-out platform for very large, bulky luggage and is suitable for heavy loads. The GS-Lobby and GS-Lobby XS are used in the hotel lobby. Both these models feature an electro-plated stainless steel finish to match the elegant interiors found in the hotel trade. Renowned hotel groups such as Radisson Blu use our luggage trolleys and rely on Wanzl’s proven quality. 

Happy travellers transport suitcases with practical luggage trolleys

Passengers and travellers enjoy the Voyager or Travel models from Wanzl. With these practical luggage trolleys, dragging suitcases over long distances in the airport is a thing of the past. The robust trolley has room for a number of suitcases, and travellers can conveniently place small items or hand luggage in the tray in front of the handles. The smooth-running castors ensure that travellers can relax on their departure or return, and that the luggage trolleys make transporting suitcases easy. In the duty-free area in many airports, customers can shop conveniently with the various Airport Shopper models. Wanzl luggage trolleys feature timeless design and are made from durable materials.