ProTec 3® bumper

Robust, functional and attractive

  • Individually combinable
  • Easy assembly
  • Flexible adjustment to any situation in store

Effective protection for freezer cabinets and shop fittings. Particularly recommended for stores where different sizes of shopping trolley are used. Also ideal for use in logistics and warehousing areas. Simple assembly, flexible adjustment to any situation in-store.

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Product details


Bumper made of profiled galvanised sheet steel. Fasteners, corners and end caps made of black elastomer. Floor fastening foot made of sheet steel, galvanised with colourless stove-enamel finish.


1. 1. Mark the holes and drill (hammer drill diameter 20 mm)

2. Knock in both dowels

3. Secure the base

4. Position bumper profile on the installed feet and bolt in place


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