European Football Championship 2024: high-quality access systems for Germany's stadiums

Access Solutions from Wanzl provide security and control for the ideal stadium experience

2024 is a special year for sports. The European Football Championship will be held in ten German stadiums. Anticipation is high, tickets are in huge demand and many national and international guests are expected. The security concept for the protection of visitors and players is essential for an ideal stadium experience. Access solutions expert Wanzl provides efficient and high-quality access systems for stadiums and arenas - from stadium access with turnstiles and gates, to ticketing at terminals, gate solutions for visitors to VIP lounges and stand-alone shops.

Fast and secure stadium access control

Stadiums are often sold out for major international matches. On match day, fans flock to sporting venues. They want to get to their seats quickly, cheer on their team and enjoy the game without having to worry. Wanzl offers efficient solutions for convenient individual entry and secure access control. The compact EasyGo turnstile is space-saving and the stainless steel Atlas gate turnstile is vandal-resistant. Wanzl access systems can be equipped with a reader for barcodes and QR codes as well as an interface to system integrators such as Eventim.

Autonomous food stores with facial recognition

Hot dogs, soft drinks and snacks are all part of a real stadium visit. In German stadiums, the traditional kiosk could soon be replaced by autonomous food stores. Wanzl supplies the ideal access systems for autonomous store concepts. Galaxy Gates 1.1 and Galaxyports are installed at the shop entrances and enable automated access using facial recognition, Bluetooth, ultra-wideband or NFC. In the store, cameras anonymously assign goods and quantities to customers. When you leave the store, the payment method used to enter the store is charged – no queuing, no scanning, no paying at the checkout.

VIP access to the exclusive stadium experience

With a VIP ticket in your pocket, a visit to the stadium will be a unique experience. The VIP reception has been designed by Wanzl. The elegant Galaxy Gate 1.1 access gates provides convenient and appropriate access to the lounge, with only access authorisation being checked, e.g. by barcode scanner or smartphone.

Admission and payment with contactless fan card

More and more sports clubs and stadium operators are turning to NFC-based fan cards. An interactive programme on Wanzl's V21 and V7 multifunction terminals helps fans to issue cards. Convenient charging at the terminal with cash or debit/credit card. The fan card not only offers the advantage of quick payment at the checkout: the chip can also be used to store season tickets for the stadium or an electronic entry ticket. The entire stadium process, from entering the stadium to buying drinks, can be completed much more quickly.