Nobody knows our products like we do. Or at least until you and your employees have been given professional and practical instruction by our expert training staff. We provide you with individual, expert support immediately after installation when our equipment and systems are being commissioned. We help you to set these up efficiently and correctly, unlocking your full potential and ensuring that you benefit from our philosophy of quality right from the start.

User training/ damage assessments/ reports

We are here to help – and you can continue to depend on Wanzl as a strong partner once our products have been put into operation. You can rely on our trained service staff to ensure you know how to use our products’ features efficiently and properly to meet your needs, with professional and practical training and on-site consultations. We want you to benefit fully from genuine Wanzl quality. Advice from our experts also creates autonomy when it comes to product availability. In the event of damage, our team is always here to help and assist you in producing the necessary reports for insurance, because your satisfaction is important to us.