eGate casino check-in

Secure access solution for player protection

  • Convenient entry and exit system in accordance with fire protection specifications
  • Acoustic signal if tampered with
  • Easy integration with conventional control systems

The eGate Casino is particularly secure thanks to its ceiling sensors and foot light barrier. An audible and visual alarm is triggered when manipulation is attempted.

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eGate casino check-in
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Standby mode: blue
Authorised opening: green
Manipulation: red
Climbing over: climbing over the swivel arm without authorisation.
Crawling under: as soon as a person tries to crawl under the swivel arm of the eGate.
Tailgating: a person without authorisation follows a person with authorisation.



The eGate can be easily installed in existing buildings. Power can be supplied from the ceiling.


A fully automatic check of a person in the Oasis database can be integrated. Various control systems ensure legally required identification.


More than 300 eGates have already been successfully installed in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate in 2014. More information is available on request.



Hygiene accessories

Disinfecting hands

The sanitiser dispenser sprays the adjustable volume directly onto both hands when they are inserted. Compatible with any liquid sanitiser.

Temperature measurement and mandatory masks

The thermal imaging camera measures body temperature fully automatically and contactlessly. It detects whether a face mask (covering the nose and mouth) is worn. As soon as the defined limit is exceeded or no face mask is worn, the eGate does not open. A message can be generated to appear on the screen.

Hygiene accessories

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