Part Flex 2000

Flexible guidance system

  • A mobile and effective way to section off areas
  • Uprights made of steel tubing with integrated reel mechanism for pull-out bands
  • Triple docking facility

The flexible guidance system. Suitable for use wherever passenger flows need to be guided or separated. The right solution for any task can be found here!

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Product details

Standard equipment

Uprights made from steel tubing with integrated reel mechanism and triple docking facility. Pull-out bands in 3 colours, 2000 mm long. Base plate with slip-proof plastic profile, cover made from black plastic.


Bases high-gloss chrome-plated


Height of base 940 mm, base plate diameter 340 mm.

Barriers in up to 4 directions

Barriers in up to 4 directions
Very flexible and effective guidance system, can be used to separate areas and direct people.

Printed pull-out band

Printed pull-out band
Your hotel logo can be printed according to requirements. Fully in keeping with your universal corporate design. On request.


Wall clip made of stainless steel

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