Steigerwald Nord motorway service station (D)

Fuel station shop with feel-good factor

Retail expert Wanzl glams up fuel station shop

The change immediately caught the eye of car drivers, truck drivers and people on the road a lot for work who regularly stop at Steigerwald Nord service station on the A3 motorway: the fuel station shop at the motorway filling station has a new look. The redesign of the fuel station shop was based on the expertise of retail expert Wanzl and design partner Soda. Extensive renovation measures were carried out to completely redesign the roughly 150 square metre fuel station shop – into a modern and inviting store.

Stylish presentation of goods thanks to wood and metal

The product range in fuel station shops is diverse and extends from drinks, snacks and toys to a coffee and fresh food counter. Of course, with this wide offering, the aesthetics must be right: the presentation should be visually and atmospherically appealing. In the Steigerwald Nord fuel station shop, a high-quality material mix of metal and wood as well as matt and glossy surfaces now creates a "wow" effect. "The different product presentation systems combine elegance with simple functionality. The two materials complements each other perfectly here. That’s what makes the shop special for us," says Matthias Wirtz, Key Account Manager at Wanzl. For this unique flair, Wanzl combined standardised shelving systems, freezers and sales tables such as YourTable Half with individual wooden elements according to an interior concept by design company Soda. Architectural peculiarities also had to be taken into account. "The distinctive feature of this store concept was the height of the shelf uprights. They had to be adapted to the specific circumstances in the shop," explains Marco Kamann, Project Management at Wanzl. Wanzl’s standard WireTech100 shelving system was partially adapted to the special height for this purpose. In addition, various special metal attachment parts were made in order to place the floating on-site monitors above the shelf sections. Thanks to the renovations, guests can now enjoy an even more attractive shop and bistro offering. The stylish product presentation also creates a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.

Customised shop design

The cooperation between Soda and Wanzl for the implementation of the new store went smoothly. After the first contact at Euroshop 2020, a joint concept was developed for the Tank & Rast Group. The focus: the individual needs of the customer on the motorway. "We spent a lot of time talking to Tank & Rast and thinking about every detail and every material. It was important to us that we met all of the customer’s requirements," explains Marco Kamann. Especially in fuel station shops, it is important to pay attention to the diverse needs of guests. Some people only want to pop in quickly for a few things. They therefore want a quick overview and good orientation in the shop. Others, on the other hand, are looking for a break and they should be made to feel completely comfortable. The result of Wanzl and Soda work is impressive. Both brought their respective skills to the project perfectly. Retail expert Wanzl scored above all with its high degree of customisation enabling all ideas to be implemented as the customer wished.