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Atlas turnstile

Motor-driven full-height gate turnstile

Atlas turnstile, low

Motor-driven turnstile

Bumper uprights/bollards

Sturdy demarcation

Classic swing gates

Simply compact

Colour Gate

An electronic entrance system with LED lighting

Customer frequency measurement with 2D-cam

Reliable and precise detection with 2D-cam

EasyGo turnstile

Motor-driven variable turnstile

EasyGo turnstile with V7/V21 ticket machine

Reliable turnstile with integrated ticket machine

eGate casino check-in

Secure access solution for player protection


The most intelligent system generation with multifunctional high-tech features

ETISS NG management software

Standardised interfaces for various hardware components

Facility Management Control Unit

Software for turnstiles and swing gates

Galaxy Gate®

Entrance system with the most sophisticated design and technology

Galaxy Gate® with high-reaching swivel arms

State of the art access control and monitoring technology

Galaxy Port

State-of-the-art technology for barrier-free access

Portec turnstile

Electro-mechanical turnstile

Sirio turnstile

Elegant motor-driven turnstile

Stainless steel partitions

Elegant and secure


Proven entrance solutions with many functions as standard

Transtec turnstile

Architecturally sophisticated turnstile


Classic ticket machine – can be used universally

Vending unit V21

Interactive vending unit and ticket machine

Wanzl Access Manager

State of the art access control

WCC customer counter

Optimises processes and deployment of staff