Galaxy Gate® with high-reaching swivel arms

State of the art access control and monitoring technology

  • Swivel arm and side glazing lighting
  • Access widths of up to 1125 mm
  • High-reaching ESG swivel arm for maximum climbing guard

ESG-safety glass swivel arms in high-reaching design efficiently prevent anyone from climbing over the system. Depending on the height, access widths of up to 1125 mm are possible. The smart sensor system ensures immediate and reliable identity checking.

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Complete Catalogue Access Solutions
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Sicherheits- und Hygienekonzepte für Unternehmen
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Full catalogue Airport Solutions
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Product details


The housing and swivel arm mechanism are made from stainless steel. High-reaching swivel arms and side glazing made of ESG-safety glass; with LED lighting options. The ESG-safety glass swivel arms are opened using state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled drive technology with opening periods that can be programmed on a variable basis. Automatic or pulse-controlled closing function and dynamically programmable entrance and exit. Standard equipment with integrated alarm system, individual voice output (MP3) and programmable WEAC control with WEB server option for control via a smart phone.

LED lighting

LED lighting
Galaxy Gate with variable operating status indicator: red for “Locked” and green for “Access free” Lighting for swing arms and side glazing available as an accessory.


Our system can integrate all commercially available peripherals such as a barcode scanner, RFID card, palm vein scanner, ticket, smartphone, radio remote control and much more.

Additional accessories

  • Footfall frequency measurement (WCC)
  • LCD colour display (for virtual function support)
  • Integration of various reader units
  • Climb-over/crawl-under alarm
  • WEB control panel
  • Standard control panel
  • Control program for the external PC
  • Difference counting and random generator
  • Base support console
  • Integration of various peripheral devices
  • Tube booms

Wanzl Access Manager: The Galaxy Gate can be controlled with Wanzl Access Manager. Wanzl Access Manager links peripheral devices to a homogeneous software suite that validates users and operators almost in real time at any access control point.


Success stories

University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen (CH)

More safety in sports facilities at university campus