More variable, flexible and better looking than ever before

Wanzl Hotel Service presents the redesign of the Mundus housekeeping trolley

The new design concept of the Mundus housekeeping trolley from Wanzl Hotel Service provides hoteliers with even more design freedom and thus greater flexibility of use. Thanks to the simplified adaptation of its equipment and appearance, the current Mundus can be used more flexibly than ever before in a wide variety of hotel sectors – for example as a service trolley for banquets or on terraces. This flexibility is due to an extended range of add-on parts as well as attractive new finishes and elegant frame colours, which now offer hoteliers even more freedom to customise their trolleys. "In the future, other areas of the hotel will also benefit from a reliable product that has long proven itself in housekeeping. At the same time, the Mundus has more versatility over its long service life, which makes it even more attractive from an economic point of view," says Franziska Hänle, Senior Manager Sales Hotel Service.





Wanzl is also breaking new ground in its product range. The further development of the Mundus has produced a flexible design, meaning that different customer requirements are reflected even better in terms of price, availability and degree of individualisation. There is a choice of pre-assembled stock items that can be delivered within a few days, as well as a fast delivery programme that can be adapted to the customer's requirements with selected accessories. Both are attractive thanks to their short-term availability and appealing pricing models. If a customised Mundus is important to you, the experts at Wanzl Hotel Service will continue to develop a tailor-made model – with individual delivery conditions.

Would you prefer the new lightweight aluminium structure, which holds important products for housekeeping, or an elegant cover panel in a wood look for use in service? The equipment range of the new Mundus allows maximum design freedom. With four trolley sizes, finishes in Mahagony, Natural Oak and Anthracite, as well as frame colours inTitanum Grey, Metallic Black and Metallic Gold, the Mundus adapts to any hotel interior or corporate design. The optimised installation of the add-on parts ensures that they are now even easier to replace and install – while remaining compatible with previous Mundus models. The new design of the shelf brackets makes them easier to replace, while at the same time providing the customary secure hold. Wanzl uses stylish anthracite or subtle beige as the colour of its textile accessories. In addition to the innovations, tried-and-tested components continue to be used. Wanzl’s famous fifth trolley wheel continues to play a key role in the mobility of the Mundus. This is the only way to ensure that the trolley can be seamlessly rotated around its own axis, thus enabling maximum manoeuvrability in the daily work which sometimes takes place in confined spaces, especially in housekeeping.

Three product ranges for individual requirements

With the further development of the Mundus, Wanzl has made the product range more flexible and therefore also meets individual customer requirements in this area. With a new aluminium structure, a rubbish bag holder with cover, a polyester bag and two shelves, the Mundus 9 and 11 in Anthracite are available as stock items, which are immediately available. “This well-thought-out basic model is one of the bestsellers and we have therefore decided to offer it as a stock item with fast availability,” explains Hänle.




The fast delivery programme offers a little more variability. It includes ready-assembled trolleys in two finishes and frame colours that can be customised with selected accessories – the new Mundus is then ready for dispatch in 15 working days. Wanzl offers a customised version of the Mundus for design-oriented hoteliers who attach great importance to a housekeeping trolley configured to their individual requirements. Hänle adds: "With this variant, our customers have the greatest flexibility in terms of design, add-on parts and accessories. The delivery time is slightly longer and will be arranged with the customer."