mobile store

Mobile store

Container mobile stores provide a fully fledged, yet flexible and space-saving shopping experience. These mini shops can be designed, produced, fitted and commissioned incredibly quickly, and represent a fantastic alternative not only for supplying rural areas, but also to enable quick shopping trips in high-footfall spaces such as universities or company premises. We adapt the look and feel of the container mobile stores to suit the particular target audience and product group.

Trendy, informal, classic, rustic, traditional – with the right colour schemes, decoration and materials to appeal to the desired clientele. Shoppers access via a customer card or corresponding app on their smartphone. The store offers convenience products that app users can scan themselves as they shop. Customers without the app can use the self-checkout in the tills area, and this cannot be accessed until customers have authenticated themselves. Once payment has been made with a credit or debit card or through a customer account, the customer can use a QR code to exit the shop.