dark store

Dark store

How do customers find the product they want? With its dark store concept, Wanzl uses three different solutions to demonstrate its expertise in both retail and logistics. The goods warehouse serves as the anchor point. Wanzl offers everything you need for a smooth process throughout the classic route from goods receipt and order picking to outgoing goods – with its brand-new mobile workstation, the smart wearable scanner, roll cages that can be nested and AGV1-compatible order picking trolleys.

Alternatively, products can be sold directly from the goods warehouse via machines. online orders are chaotically placed into storage on-site in packaging stations, where customers can pick them up at any time of the day or night using the QR code sent to them. Prospective buyers can also come to the machines without pre-ordering and find out about the products on offer via a terminal, order the products they want instantly and even take them away there and then if they are available.