KT3 "drive" order picking trolley

Order picking trolley with electric drive

  • More power due to improved Lithium-ion battery technology
  • Better ergonomics due to the fifth castor with electric motor and drawbar handle
  • More safety since a personnel safety switch and warning horn are integrated into the handle

The KT3 order picking trolley is the basis for many picking jobs. The fifth castor with electric drive makes it particularly agile and easy to manoeuvre, even with loads of up to 300 kg. Whether handle, writing board or wire tray, wire or wooden shelves, you are always best equipped with the KT3.

Preview KT3 “drive” order picking trolleys
KT3 “drive” order picking trolleys
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Connection of peripheral devices

Monitors, radio scanners or printers can be connected to a second battery (option) via an inverter.

Additional Li-ion battery (optional)

The battery can be conveniently replaced via a slide-in mechanism for multi- shift operation.

Wanzl SOC indicator (optional)

A display attached to the handle informs the order picker about the remaining battery performance in real-time.

Hinged handle unit (optional)

Ergonomic manoeuvring. The handle can be moved up and down to the desired handle height like a drawbar.

BlueBeam (optional)

Visual path warning device. The headlight is fitted to the side section opposite the handle unit

Rotating light signal (optional)

The yellow LED light is fitted on the side section of the handle unit and rotates 360° which can also be retrofitted.

Product details

The modular design of the order picking trolley means it can be equipped with a range of features: additional wire or wooden shelves, rear panel grate, compartment divider, writing board, note holder and much more.
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Ideal for heavy loads

Ideal for heavy loads
An electric motor is integrated in the hub of the fifth wheel, This motor provides the driving force; it ensures better tracking and safe manoeuvring with minimal effort. The speed (max. 5.5 km/h) is freely adjustable and controlled via two toggle switches.

Multifunctional handle

Multifunctional handle
A crawl speed button allows slow travel (max. 2.8 km/h). If the red safety switch on the handle comes into contact with your body, the direction of travel briefly reverses. The handle also has a horn as an additional acoustic warning signal.