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Aera® 300 L

The stylish luggage transport trolley

Airport-Shopper ES

Ideal for escalators

Airport-Shopper NG

Attractive and timeless design

Combi C400

A slim trolley that fits through the tightest and busiest of spaces

Combi E300

A luggage trolley for your fleet upgrade

Easy 400

Small but high-quality trolley for hand luggage


The most intelligent system generation with multifunctional high-tech features


Safety on escalators

Fun Mobil

Driving and shopping pleasure for all ages

Galaxy Gate®

Entrance system with the most sophisticated design and technology

Galaxy Gate® with high-reaching swivel arms

State of the art access control and monitoring technology

Guide rails

Collection point for luggage trolleys


Heavy-duty design for many years of use


A certified and robust pushchair for your child’s safety

Maintenance & Inventory

Maintenance and stock keeping


Elegant oval basket offers great comfort

Part Flex 2000

Flexible guidance system

Part Line 2000

One of the finest examples of guidance systems

Travel 300

Luggage transport trolley – simple and convenient

Travel 400/Travel 400 Ex

A classic on four wheels

Vending unit NG

Paying trolley release systems

Voyager 3000/Voyager 3000 EX

Reliable technology and impressive design

Voyager 4000/Voyager 4000 EX

Extended Voyager model with four castors

Voyager Evolution 3000/3000 BL

Unique design in premium quality