Brisbane Airport (AU)

Combi C400: travelator test winner

Working with its Australian partner Carbridge, Wanzl has won a contract at Brisbane Airport, coming out on top against international competitors. The tender was for a package solution including trolley management and trolley delivery for Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), the airport’s operator. The Combi C400 luggage trolley by Wanzl has no brake and is equipped with four Type 3 travelator castors. It was the only model to pass the airport’s travelator test with flying colours. This is the first time Wanzl has used Type 3 travelator castors, which meet all safety requirements for the sharp incline of the travelators at Brisbane Airport. Accidents resulting in personal injury or damage to the travelators have now become a thing of the past. Wanzl has delivered 2,100 Combi C400 luggage trolleys in steel to Australia’s third largest airport.

Carbridge assumes responsibility for trolley management. The company signed a contract with Wanzl Australia, which will see the two companies working together to compete for tenders at additional large airports in Australia and New Zealand. “BAC is very satisfied. We’re hoping to launch the Combi C400 at Brisbane’s domestic terminal in the near future as well, along with a fee-charging dispensing system for luggage trolleys,” explains Michael Tscharntke, Wanzl Director for Airport Sales.

Order from Brisbane Airport

2,100 Combi C400 luggage trolleys with new Type 3 travelator castors for Brisbane Airport.