SlidingDoor – the new fully automatic sliding door from Wanzl

More elegance, safety and space savings in entrance and exit areas

Access Solutions expert Wanzl launches a new passage system on the market: the fully automatic SlidingDoor makes it possible for retailers, fitness centre operators and companies to install stylish sliding doors made by Wanzl in their entrance and exit areas for the first time. As an alternative to classic gate solutions with swivel arms, the space-saving sliding doors allow optimal use of space. State-of-the-art electronics ensure safety and comfort. Whether transparent or customised surface design, the SlidingDoor offers a wide range of customisation options and will be available in four different versions from January 2024. The innovative SlidingDoor from Wanzl thus sets new standards for elegance, flexibility and safety in the area of entrance and exit solutions.

Aesthetic design and individual interior design

The elegant design of the SlidingDoor blends seamlessly into any space concept and can be customised to suit your corporate design preferences. The SlidingDoor Basic Colour with closed metal housing and the SlidingDoor Design Colour with transparent toughened safety glass are available for this purpose. In both versions, the housing is made of coated aluminium as standard and the sliding doors are made of toughened safety glass.

Thanks to variable passage widths, the SlidingDoor adapts perfectly to the spatial conditions, offers customers more freedom of movement and is also barrier-free for pushchairs or wheelchair users. To customise the entrance and exit areas, the SlidingDoors can also be provided with magnetic decals in the specified CI or used as advertising space. With four attractive colours, the SlidingDoor offers stylish variety for every taste. The SlidingDoor can be combined very harmoniously with the simple pure partition system or the Classic customer guidance systems from Wanzl to partition off rooms elegantly and securely and control the flow of people effectively.

Advanced electronics and user-friendly functions

The SlidingDoor from Wanzl impresses both with its design concept and its advanced technology. Thanks to state-of-the-art, microprocessor-controlled drive technology, the passage system ensures convenient and safe entry and exit. The LED lighting integrated in the doors indicates the operating status of the SlidingDoor - green for open, blue for closed and red for alarm. Once authorised, the sliding doors open and close again after the user has passed through the system. Passage in both directions is possible as an option. The Basic Colour+ and Design Colour+ versions are equipped with a scanner for barcodes and QR codes for secure and fast self-check-out. Scanners for RFID cards, loyalty cards or employee ID cards are also available as an option. The hold-open time of the toughened safety doors sliding doors can be variably programmed, as can whether the closing function should be controlled automatically or via impulse. A flexible ceiling power supply enables the system to be set up quickly and easily. From the third quarter of 2024, Wanzl will also be offering over-the-air updates, a fast, user-friendly option for software updates.

Improved security and central control

For greater security, the SlidingDoor is equipped with an alarm system as standard, which prevents stock discrepancies, particularly in the retail trade. Voice prompts support correct use. State-of-the-art sensor technology monitors the passage in both open and closed states and prevents attempts at tampering and unauthorised access, such as crawling under. An alarm indicates tampering of any kind. This applies irrespective of whether one of the door leaves is pushed to the side, held in place or if the movement of the door is influenced.


The doors close automatically after an alarm. The SlidingDoor can also be integrated into the fire alarm control centre and the cloud-based software platform wanzl connect®. The platform can be used to centrally control all processes, collect data, conveniently monitor devices and display them on dashboards. In this way, Wanzl helps its customers to further digitalise and optimise their processes with the new passage system.