Product campaign by Wanzl

Smarter and more flexible operations

Changes in consumer behaviour are a reality; brick-and-mortar retailers no longer have the power to control purchasing behaviour. This is why Wanzl focuses on customers and their customer journey. On the one hand, customer centricity means developing innovative shop formats for individual customer needs, but, on the other hand, retail systems must also be adaptable. Digital features are simply part of the shopping norm for many customers, as they offer direct added value such as independence, convenience and information. Similarly, shoppers are used to constantly having new shopping experiences. This offers opportunities for retailers to create an “aha” effect with new solutions for product presentation and transport and to continue to retain customers.

Wanzl is driving the evolution of the shopping trolley forward. Thanks to the innovative scan trolley, shopping can be done much quicker. A scanner is incorporated in the newly developed EvoGrip handle unit and an app links the smart shopping trolley to the customer’s personal smartphone. All the items can then be scanned directly at the trolley while shopping, and all the items entered, including the individual and total amounts, are automatically shown on the smartphone display. After having completed their shopping, the customer confirms the displayed value and the amount is charged to their credit card or bank account. They then receive a QR code to open the exit system. The shopping trolley lock is also digital, making long searches for the right coin a thing of the past. The customer’s smartphone and the electronic coin deposit system are interlinked via a store app, the trolley is released and shopping can begin. Customer-related services such as current offers or a reward for returning the shopping trolley, such as a coupon for the next purchase, can also be made available via the app.


Wanzl is also making its product presentation systems smart. Wanzl’s “i” product generation digitises the sales floor when integrated into the software platform, wanzl connect. With its load cell technology, the BakeOff i creates transparency in a completely new way. Filling levels and sales are registered precisely and, based on the data obtained, retailers can optimise baking processes, minimise the amount of wasted bread and baked goods and increase their gross profit. The wire tech 100 i and the YourTable Cool i also feature integrated stock level monitoring. Proactively replenishing shelves before a product is completely sold out significantly increases a store’s earnings potential and the highly branded category of convenience food is always available “on stock”, ready for immediate purchase.

Wanzl_YourTable Cool i.jfif

The H21 information terminal and the V21 ticket machine give customers more autonomy. Product information, store navigation, recipe suggestions, special offers – the H21 information terminal enhances customer service. Its large multi-touch interface elegantly displays the desired information and an integrated reader and print function provides product-related services. The V21 ticket machine is directly involved in the process. As an issuing unit for coupon cards, mobile phone cards or customer cards, it effectively reduces the workload of checkout staff. Interactive menu prompts guide users to the desired product in a simple and user-friendly manner. The individual steps are displayed on the clearly laid out 21" touchscreen in such a way that they are easy to understand.

Wanzl_Kassenautomat V21.jfif

Visualise, expand, convert – flexible product presentation systems
In order to sell products, they must be presented in an appealing way. The newly designed BakeOff display with its transparent design ensures that a lot of attention is drawn to the freshly baked goods. Customers love to help themselves here, especially as the delicacies are easily accessible and optimally protected by the robust hygiene covers.
The highly functional YourTable Fresh promises exceptional variability when it comes to the presentation of goods. Practical add-on parts and pull-out elements expand the usable area and also allow the design to be changed in a flash. This guarantees that products are placed in the best possible location. It is perfect for presenting fruit and vegetables like at a weekly market. Three in one: simultaneously a table, shelf and presentation platform. The YourTable Switch is a real quick-change artist. It can be converted quickly and without tools, and its wide range of accessories makes it a multifunctional presentation system for different product groups. In addition, thanks to its low weight and castors, it can be quickly placed anywhere in the store.