Boarding gates, security checks and lounges

High-tech gates are becoming increasingly important for smooth processing at airports

Whether for the protection of sensitive sectors, the verification of access rights to exclusive areas or the reliable and contactless boarding pass control by means of boarding gates, fully automated access gates are increasingly responsible for numerous important tasks at airports. With the innovative Galaxy Gate, access expert Wanzl offers one of the most flexible and high-quality solutions on the market “Made in Germany”.

Galaxy Gates for contactless boarding

In the past, boarding was often time-consuming and personnel-intensive. Thanks to intelligent sensor technology and digitalisation, modified separation systems such as the Galaxy Gate can now entirely take over the checking of valid boarding passes immediately before departure – fully automatically, reliably and quickly. Passengers simply have to scan their printed ticket or digital boarding pass in their smartphones contact-free at the new boarding gate from Wanzl. The stored data is compared in the shortest possible time and the access authorisation is checked. If everything is in order, the ESG safety glass swivel arms open immediately and the passenger can board the aircraft. If the boarding pass is invalid, access is denied. The passenger is then requested to contact the available personnel for further verification. In general, communication takes place via a clearly visible screen installed at the gate. Passengers are quickly and easily guided through the boarding process and informed of the current status. If, for example, the airline has had to alter the seating plan at short notice, the passenger will also be informed of this via the monitor. In this case, a printer is also integrated into the Galaxy Gate so that valid proof of the new seat can be provided without losing time.

State-of-the-art control technology using sophisticated sensor technology facilitates the smooth and secure operation of the boarding gate. Among other features, it ensures that passengers can only step through the gate individually. Any attempts at manipulation, for example by crawling under the gates or keeping them open without authorisation, are detected and immediately indicated by visual and acoustic alarm systems. On the other hand, the sensors ensure comfortable transit, as they also register trolleys or other pieces of luggage and therefore keep the entrances open as long as is required for the passenger to pass through comfortably. Galaxy Gates also features integrated fire alarm contacts as standard, whereby in the event of an emergency, the entrances open automatically in the exit direction. Wanzl access gates are therefore also ideal for use in security checks before entering the “airside” area of the airport. Overall, fully automated gates are able to check in more passengers in less time with the highest level of safety, both in terms of identity checking and hygienic standards. All processes are contactless. In addition, the data obtained provides valuable information for every airport operator. They can be used to plan the average boarding time per airline and destination even more accurately and to optimise air traffic.

Maximum flexibility for operators

If you choose Galaxy Gates from Wanzl, you are choosing a high level of investment protection. The gates are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Upgrades, such as to biometric boarding processes, or rapid connection to existing IT infrastructures are therefore just as easy and possible at any time as subsequent hardware modifications. In principle, all common release units such as RFID scanners or barcode readers are available for integration. The operating status of the gates is displayed on a clear dashboard that allows easy tracking of statuses and processes. In addition to the greatest possible flexibility in terms of being up to date, Wanzl gates also score highly with their wide range of designs. In order to comply with certain architectural standards and safety requirements, five different passage widths are available, ranging from 550 mm to a maximum of 1,250 mm. Customers can choose from three height options for the ESG swivel arms.

Galaxy Gates also impress visually, thanks to customer-specific design options. The individuality options are almost endless. Housings and covers can be supplied in classic polished stainless steel or powder-coated to your own colour requirements. Other cover design options include high-quality foils in different colours as well as a carbon or wood look. The glass elements can be branded optionally with logos and lettering by means of a sandblasting process. Or they can be highlighted by means of LED lighting in different colours. For optimum user convenience, the colours red, green or blue can be used to indicate the operating status of the gate. When it comes to illumination of the side panes, aesthetics and corporate design play an important role. These can therefore be customised via an RGB colour palette. Thanks to the online configurator on the Wanzl website, the desired Galaxy Gate can be created easily and independently. The unique flexibility also makes the Galaxy Gate interesting for airport lounges. Passengers find an exclusive retreat here to make waiting times as pleasant as possible. Galaxy Gates provide fast, automated and stylish access.