Economy trolley shelter

The cost-effective solution for cost-conscious providers

  • Trolley shelter with single-piece glass roof with aluminium profiles
  • Rectangular aluminium tubes and profiles act as a guide and bumper
  • Wide enough to hold 3 rows of shopping trolleys

Trolley shelters are a welcome service. They save your customers from walking too far and look after your shopping trolleys – making them popular with customers. The Economy trolley shelter can hold three rows of trolleys. When combined with stainless steel row docking stations, it is the perfect solution for organised shopping and/or transport trolley storage.

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Colours and materials

Flame Red RAL 3000

Cobalt Blue RAL 5013

Natural anodised aluminium


Advertising board

Weatherproof design with aluminium composite panels, 3000 x 490 mm.

Interior lighting

Weatherproof design with 58 watt lights.

Waste bin

Plastic design

Waste bin

Metal design

Interchangeable folding frame

Aluminium design, with protection film.

Product details

Standard design

Trolley shelter: Aluminium profiles, rounded outer edges. Aluminium square tubes mounted on both sides function as a guide and a bumper for shopping trolleys. Infinitely height-adjustable feet compensate for uneven ground. Side and roof elements made from polycarbonate hollow chamber panels.

A cutting-edge and eye-catching feature

A cutting-edge and eye-catching feature
The rounded aluminium profiles available in three standard colours (or your store CI on request) become a key feature in any car park. The single-piece roof glazing of high-quality, shatterproof polycarbonate hollow chamber panels is highly resistant to dirt.

Protection and stability

Protection and stability
Rectangular aluminium tubes and profiles protect the shopping trolley basket, shopping trolley chassis and trolley shelter against damage. Feet with infinite height adjustment (40 - 110 mm) make sure the shelter is secured safely and flexibly to the floor with heavy duty anchors.


Weatherproof shopping trolley icon that is visible from a distance. Permanent screen print on plastic film (standard).

Information panel

Information panel
Printed with instruction icons for the coin deposit system in question or alternative lettering based on your requirements. Width 450 x height 300 mm.

Different trolleys

Different trolleys
Storage for different shopping trolleys at stores with a wide range of trolleys or bespoke services, e.g. second trolleys.