Asset tracking

and fleet management

  • Positional tracking of roll containers or other load carriers
  • More frequent use of containers
  • Transparent supply chains

Where are the load carriers? Is the fleet being used to its full capacity? Is the maintenance work on all the roll containers being carried out on time? The solution to all these questions in logistics lies in fleet management based on asset tracking. A small radio transmitter such as a tag or tracker is fitted to an asset – i.e. a load carrier, roll cage or the goods themselves – and is used to track and analyse the position and utilisation of the asset. The entire fleet is organised efficiently with the help of this data. When it comes to fleet management, there isn’t just one solution – individual case studies and concepts are required. This is where holistic solutions provider Wanzl and its team of experts come in.

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The details

Increasing load carrier capacity utilisation

If, for example, too many load carriers are standing idle in different warehouses, an analysis can be performed to arrange for these to be relocated to areas where they are needed more urgently. It may also be possible to reduce the number of load carriers in the long term.

Finding load carriers

Sometimes, load carriers are parked at the wrong location by mistake. It can then take a few days for them to find their way back to the recipient or sender. Asset tracking solves this problem. Using the asset tracker, you can find out exactly where the load carriers are at any time.

Coordinating maintenance intervals

Load carriers are used at varying frequencies. This means that the amount of wear also varies. The data generated by asset tracking can be used to determine how often a load carrier has already been used and provide reminders of individually defined maintenance intervals.

Fleet management and analytics

Have you heard of wanzl connect®?

Wanzl’s software solution offers a modular system for managing, controlling and analysing all tracking data. We provide assistance in tracking logistics assets digitally and cost-effectively throughout the supply chain across Europe – site to site, on company premises and within buildings.


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