wire tech

Turn products into stars!

  • The original model with the unique upright for ambitious food retailing
  • For enticing product displays that appear as if suspended in the air
  • In an almost limitless range of shapes: convex, concave, straight, curved

wire tech shapes spaces and ambience. wire tech is so unobtrusive that your products are the centre of attention. This is due firstly to the wire tech shelves being extremely flat, uniquely decorative and elegant, and secondly to the almost never-ending design options that the Wanzl systems offer.

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Metal rear panel, metal shelves

Blister rear panel, glass shelves

Rear panel grate, wire shelves

Wooden rear panel, wooden shelves

Magnet foil rear panel, wire shelves

No rear panel

Unique variety of shapes

wire tech is the first choice when you would like to emphasise your specialist competence and quality with expressive architecture. It is the stage for your sales success, creating high product density and a strong incentive to buy.

wire tech presents perfectly: The system remains discreet and always puts the goods in the spotlight. The products seem to hover visually towards the customers, who are only too glad to help themselves. This is precisely how wire tech can create unforgettable shopping experiences!


Original wire tech® – a question of style

The globally unique design of wire tech forms the foundation on which premium stores far beyond the average can be created. Invite your customers to linger, to browse and to make new discoveries. Demonstrate your high standards and inspire them anew every day!

Original wire tech® – a question of style

The trick with the click

The Click wire shelf perfects the wire tech fitting system. Quick hanging and re-hanging, extremely high safety, loading capacity and stability – that is quality_MADE BY WANZL.

The trick with the click
wire tech 100_Click_Drahtetage 2.tif

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