WCC customer counter

Optimises processes and deployment of staff

  • Effective staff deployment planning for more customer efficiency
  • Accurate information on the capture rate
  • Reliable success monitoring on the use of new measures

Software for determining the customer traffic in-store and evaluating the data on a PC. The result permits targeted personnel management and acts as a basis for statistical evaluations.

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Personnel management with targeted checkout staffing, control of staff deployment at serving counters, customer traffic measurement for controlling evaluations, benchmarking of different locations. Success monitoring of temporary marketing measures.


Evaluation of data using conventional software (e.g. Microsoft Excel). Staff control at checkouts, counters etc., control of heating and air conditioning system. Data transfer via the internet.

Minimum PC requirements

Windows XP SP-3 operating system or later. Microsoft Excel (version 2000 SP-3 or later). PC with 1600 MHz, 512 MB RAM. Standard USB port (type A). At least 1 GB of hard drive space for installation. Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (required system software).


Customers who enter the store at a specific time are counted. Individual counting points are evaluated to analyse different areas of the store. Grouping together of counting points to measure customer traffic.

System requirements for entrance systems

Current Wanzl eGate Colour, eGate and Technoport. Older systems can be upgraded.


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