Revolutionary access –

in the smart office of the future

Smart building

Visionary buildings such as the ring-shaped Apple headquarters at Apple Park in California or The Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe) in London are impressive examples of neo-futuristic architecture. A strong look emphasises the confident and progressive image of a company. In a “smart building” though, the ground-breaking core is to be found inside.

Digitised office

Modern communication and information technology is the key and it’s all about digitisation, with more and more equipment such as printers, coffee machines, lights and heaters now offering smartphone or tablet control. Things that are taken for granted in our everyday lives at home are now increasingly making their way into the office environment. Digital natives in particular place great value on a digitalised office and this influences their choice of where they want to work.

A vision of the future?

A day at the smart office starts as soon as you arrive. Once you’ve entered the building, the entrance system opens automatically – without a card being checked or your fingerprint being scanned – and immediately calls the lift to take you straight to your floor. A fully prepared office awaits you there. The PC has been started up, the thermostat is set to the right temperature, there is freshly brewed coffee – all as if by magic. A dream of the future?  

Security first in the smart office

The top priority for access control continues to be the safety of staff and guests. The automated check-in process enables precise tracking of who is in the building. Such systems also prevent unauthorised people from entering and minimise potential risks.


The buildings of the future exist already, albeit in small numbers. But as innovations and changes continue to progress, more people will soon be greeted with a freshly brewed latte macchiato in a perfectly climate-controlled office.

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