TÜV Rhineland, Cologne (Germany)

High-quality certification marks and access control

The experts from the independent inspection body TÜV Rhineland have been testing technical systems and products around the world in accordance with international standards for almost 150 years. Customers appreciate the company’s inspection and certification services because they create trust and stand for safety and high quality. The company wanted an equally high-quality service for its access control systems and has therefore opted for access expert Wanzl: an automatic entry system consisting of the Galaxy Gate access control system and the special access gate Galaxyport from Wanzl control the volume of people and the movement of goods at the Cologne site both safely and smoothly.

Two sets of five Galaxy Gates check access in the foyer of TÜV Rhineland’s high-rise building in Cologne Poll. “Normally, between 700 and 1,000 people enter the building every day. We wanted to be well prepared for peak times in particular. That’s why we have invested in as many gates as possible,“ explains Volker Kohn, Project Manager at TÜV Rheinland Immobilien GmbH. Most of the people who enter the large office building every day are company employees. RFID scanners ensure secure and smooth authentication at five Galaxy Gates simultaneously. The respective RFID ID must be kept ready for the approval process and scanned. With individual approval, up to ten people per minute can pass through the gates. Visitors receive a temporary ID for access at reception, which they return when they leave the building. As the exit is programmed to be permanently open, this is possible without a further approval process.


Barrier-free access is ensured by two double systems with Galaxyports, which are used for goods deliveries and large groups of visitors. The access gates open in two directions by means of an RFID reader integrated into the glass dome. The integrated sensor system detects in which direction the ESG swivel arms need to open. After the user has passed through the  system, the swivel arm closes again completely. The system also monitors the passage. All attempts at manipulation and unauthorised access are prevented and indicated by the alarm. A signal sounds while the ESG swivel arms light up red and the release indicator on the glass dome flashes alternately in red and green. “The access system is also connected to the fire alarm systems. In the event of an alarm, it is de-energised. This means that the swivel arms remain open as escape routes and you can simply pass through them,“ Kohn explains.


There were a variety of reasons as to why TÜV Rheinland Immobilien GmbH chose Wanzl Access Solutions: economy, design, ease of use. Until 2019, there was no organised control of building access. “We then saw the need to increase security in the building. From the very beginning, it was important for us to keep the burden on our staff as low as possible. That’s why we chose fully automated access control systems and placed our trust in Wanzl’s expertise. This has paid off: employee authentication, guest accreditation and the control of the movement of goods are both secure and easy thanks to the new access controls. Our staff will continue to work where they are really needed,“ Kohn says. With its timeless and stylish modular stainless steel housing and ESG glass barrier elements, the Galaxy Gate also perfectly complements the colour scheme of the entrance area, which is a simple white with a mottled grey floor and light accents in the form of LED ceiling spotlights. The entry systems also provide easily recognisable visualisation of the access authorisation with LED illuminated glass elements. “The design had to fit into our exclusive foyer. The access control systems are here but they should blend in visually and remain discreet. It was also important that they are reliably flush with the walls, as access is given to the staircase here,“ says Kohn.


TÜV Rhineland has been a satisfied customer for two years now. “We noticed Wanzl at a trade fair. I then proposed the system to the company and the Management Board quickly agreed to the project. The cooperation with Wanzl has been very smooth. The company reliably responded to our requests and provided optimum on-site support,“ explains Kohn.

We are very happy with our decision to use Wanzl’s access control systems. The Galaxy Gates were well received by our employees, who quickly got used to the easy operation. It makes them feel safer. That is exactly what we wanted to achieve.
Volker Kohn, Projektleiter bei TÜV Rheinland