Material Handling

Kardex Remstar, Neuburg (D)

High-wire logistics

These two companies have been partners in warehousing, order picking, and the provision of goods for over ten years. Their working relationship is excellent, and has proved very durable over the course of time. Wire carriers and wire carrier bases from Wanzl are extremely stable, accommodate large quantities of goods and offer a long service life, even when subjected to heavy loads.

At Kardex Remstar, a leading global manufacturer of automated, dynamic storage and retrieval systems, things are constantly on the move: the horizontal and vertical carousel storage systems operate on the basis of the "goods-to-person" principle. They travel constantly, stopping at the precise point where the employee needs to remove the products. This ensures fast response times, high throughput and quick delivery. "Our carousels adapt to all tasks and increase the cost-efficiency of processing order picking jobs," comments Jürgen Schuhmacher, Director of Strategic Purchasing in the Supply Chain at Kardex Remstar. All carousels are equipped with carriers, bases and dividers made from wire. The modular structure gives them plenty of scope for changing requirements and product ranges, while also keeping investment costs at a reasonable level. 

As a material, wire is ideal for the carousels – it’s light yet stable, and every wire intersection is spot-welded. "This makes the wire constructions extremely solid, and maximises their load capacity," explains Markus Spengler, Business Unit Manager, Wanzl Logistics + Industry. The surfaces of the carriers, bases and dividers are electroplated in-house at Wanzl, in compliance with the strictest environmental protection and sustainability requirements. Logistics goods producer Wanzl also displays the same high level of professionalism in quickly coordinating high order volumes: one of the largest requests the company has received from Kardex Remstar – for fulfilment within four weeks – was made up of three separate orders and included over 5,200 carrier bases and 880 wire carriers.

As one of the leading international manufacturers of automated, dynamic warehousing and provision systems, we have successfully implemented around 140,000 warehouse systems to date. In its role as supplier, Wanzl contributes to our global success through the products it supplies.
JÜRGEN SCHUHMACHER, Director Strategic Purchasing Supply Chain Kardex Remstar

"We are very proud of being partner to Kardex Remstar for over 10 years. We have delivered thousands of wire carriers and carrier bases in that time."

MARKUS SPENGLER, Business Unit Manager, Wanzl Logistics + Industry