Genesis® cash desk

Modular and flexible in the checkout area

  • Modular cash desk for maximum flexibility
  • Add-ons offering optimum integration
  • Perfect corporate design integration

Due to its enormous sales productivity per square metre, the checkout area is regarded as a high-performance area. From a functional point of view, this area also has a lot to offer and places high demands on the design. As the checkout is often the customer's only contact with the store staff, it can make a particularly positive contribution to the shopping experience. Wanzl checkouts have a modular structure. This provides a high level of flexibility when it comes to spatial adaptation as well as integration of the latest technical equipment. Wanzl checkouts boost the efficiency of your employees and, at the same time, are a positive calling card for your store.

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Cash Desk Genesis
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Standard equipment

  • Cantilever checkout counter belt 3000 mm with base
  • Track for article separators
  • Maintenance-free checkout counter belt drive mechanism
  • Checkout counter belt controller incl. photocell, alternatively via foot switch
  • Holder for bags
  • Protection from shopping trolley damage
  • Preparation for m-Gate checkout barrier
  • Distribution board for electronic components (3 x Schuco UPS sockets, 12 x normal Schuco sockets, 2 x LAN sockets, optional: m-Gate controller, KLS)
  • Internal cable duct
  • Preparation for hardware component holder
  • Preparation for till
  • Preparation for scanner (model: TBD)
  • Connecting element to power supply
  • Door to cashier desk with magnetic closure
  • Container with 3 partitions (2 with door)
  • Floor with floor covering
  • Welded packing recess
  • Article separator for packing recess


Checkout area – smart accessories

Checkout Manager

With the checkout control system, processes in the checkout area can be coordinated reliably. Through targeted deployment of staff, checkouts are manned and waiting times for customers are reduced. Individual voice announcements inform customers about the opening and closing of the tills, and also notify store managers and staff of where in the store they are required.

Goods security

The checkout area often gets extremely busy. This gives rise to opportunities for shoplifters. The goods security, invisibly integrated in the cash desk, continuously controls the passage and provides effective protection against inventory differences. If security labels are detected in the surveillance area, an alarm is triggered and your cashiers are effectively supported in the fight against theft.

Checkout barriers

When checkouts are not in use, checkout barriers ensure that customers can only pass through staffed checkouts. Your staff are alerted of any attempts at manipulation by means of an alarm. The motor-driven mGate is particularly convenient. It opens and closes the checkout barrier according to its checkout status.

Checkout display stand

Access made easy. With its integrated convenience module for drinks and snacks or its classic Smokythek, the optional checkout display stand is always ergonomic, encouraging more impulse buys.

OTH cigarette holder

Cigarettes and tobacco products are distributed and sold in a safe and controlled manner using the OTH cigarette holder. The holder system can only be operated by the checkout staff, thus ensuring reduced shrinkage due to theft and compliance with the legal guidelines for the sale of cigarettes.


  • Checkout display stand shelf
  • Various checkout counter belt lengths
  • Shelf below checkout counter belt
  • Integration of Smokythek
  • Integrated goods security
  • Hardware component holder
  • Roller conveyor in scanner area
  • Lockable drawer (for container)
  • Lockable door (for container)
  • Roller conveyor in packing recess
  • Integration of cash recycler

Customised solutions

Do you have new ideas and further requirements for your checkout area? We will be pleased to discuss your needs and develop a checkout area perfectly tailored to your requirements. With creative designers, experienced technicians and engineers as well as efficient production facilities, an extensive range of solutions is at your disposal. In order to achieve your project goals, the development process is reviewed at defined intervals with regard to milestones and the success of the project and discussed with you. This means you are always up to date, the possibility of errors is reduced to a minimum and success can be planned.


Additional features

Convertible body

The robust body of the Genesis cash desk is manufactured to a high standard. Edges and corners are rounded and concealed, so that there are no protruding or abutting edges. If anything breaks, parts of the trim can be replaced. Using magnetic foils, the design can be adapted or redesigned for promotional campaigns.

Checkout counter belt tailored to your needs
The size of the checkout counter belt depends entirely on your requirements and the spatial conditions. The minimum size of the checkout counter belt is 1800 mm and can be extended at intervals of 300 mm. The maintenance-free drive mechanism of the checkout counter belt ensures quiet and stable running The conveyor belt is well encapsulated on all sides and equipped with exemplary anti-crushing protection. A start/stop function on the conveyor belt ensures that goods are brought forward automatically.


Exemplary workplace ergonomics
Your cash desk staff will feel at home in the ergonomically designed workplace. Whether seated or standing – all operating and control elements such as the scanner and scale units are within easy reach, integrated in a process-friendly way and easy to operate. Generous storage space is available for work equipment as well as personal belongings.

Generously sized counter recess
The size of the counter recess is adapted to your requirements and always has an enclosed design. This allows leaking liquids to be removed without leaving any residue. The technology is safely protected at all times. The integrated roller belts can be easily removed for cleaning. Practical article separators subdivide different customers’ purchases in the packing area.

Preparation for cash management systems
All the cash management systems commonly available on the market can be integrated into the Wanzl cash desk and prepared for the equipment.

Well-placed bag racks
In the substructure of the checkout counter belt there are easily accessible shelves for storing carrier bags.

Best protection against damage
The longitudinally mounted protectors on the cash desk are optimally matched to the shopping trolleys and protect them effectively.

CI integration
Our extensive selection of décors and finishes ensures that the cash desks integrate harmoniously into the overall layout.

Quick installation
Wanzl checkouts are configured and pre-equipped in our modern production facilities. This means that the installation of the checkout area in the store can be carried out quickly. Our service teams contribute a great deal of expertise and competence. Easily accessible cable guides and placeholders enable quick retrofitting of your checkout components.