Rewe Center Nieß, Heidenheim (D)

Success with wire tech

The aluminium-clad façade itself looks spectacular. It represents a wave from the neighbouring River Brenz and creates interesting light effects depending on the time of day. Inside, the centre is just as extraordinary: across 3,200 m², all with disabled access, the REWE CENTER showcases a new, unique shop concept with a huge selection of over 45,000 food and non-food items. The charm of the weekly fresh produce market gives the centre an authentic and attractive flavour. The shopfittings also play a part here, as they speak volumes about the goods that they present. The independent REWE retailer Hans-Jakob Nieß manages the REWE CENTER and he decided to collaborate with Wanzl for its interior design. Wanzl, based in Leipheim, took on the overall shop design concept. Together with wire tech, it delivered a system for a premium shop with an attention-grabbing goods presentation system that's a real departure from the norm.

The waves of the River Brenz run as a constant theme through the store. Curved gondolas and coloured ceiling ribbons carry the flowing visual effect of the exterior façade indoors, creating an impression of cleanly defined product ranges with clear guidance. Wood elements finish the wire tech shelving in the wine and coffee section. The large fruit and vegetable section with its many regional products is particularly striking and is the first port of call at the market entrance. Here, the Vitable presentation system beautifully displays bananas, apples, leeks alongside all the other delicious fruit and vegetables. Right next door, freshly-baked bread rolls are sold throughout the day from the BakeOff 2.0 sales module. Further on we reach the heart of the REWE CENTER – the extensive service counters with fresh fish, meat, sausages, cheese and delicatessen specialities. The conclusion following the first year of the store: customers love the fresh produce concept and high-quality shop design.

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