Resort Mark Brandenburg (D)

Peaceful days for the soul at See & Sole

Salt, sauna, lake and good food: this finely tuned blend makes Resort Mark Brandenburg on Brandenburg's longest lake a wellness hotel for the senses.

There is always something that has to be done. Noisy cars, rushed people, concrete and tight spaces often determine life in the big city. The body and mind long for relaxation, peace and nature for good reason. Resort Mark Brandenburg is the ideal retreat for city dwellers and wellness lovers.

The wellness resort is located directly on the shore of Lake Ruppin in Neuruppin, less than an hour's drive from Berlin, and spoils its guests with a combination of relaxation, warmth and culinary delights. In addition to the idyllic natural scenery, which can be explored on foot, with a rented bike or with the resort’s motorboat, Neuruppin's old town offers numerous sights to discover, such as Theodor Fontane's birthplace. The recently acquired Tourism Award from the State of Brandenburg in the "Hospitality" section confirms the hotel’s position as an ambassador for the region and conveys the Brandenburg feeling in its very own way, of course always with attention to detail. 121 rooms, five Junior suites and four Grand suites are the ideal retreat for relaxing and taking a deep breath.


Earthy and honest

At the heart of the hotel’s philosophy is sustainability and naturalness, which are not only reflected in the certified natural healing brine of the Fontane thermal spring, which belongs to the resort, but also in the kitchen concept of the three restaurants. Chef Matthias Kleber, who is also the Team Manager of the German national team of chefs, pays meticulous attention to ensuring that as many products as possible are sourced from local partners within a radius of 30 km and processed sustainably. "Earthy and honest" is his kitchen philosophy. He knows all the producers and cultivates a lively exchange, so that healthy and seasonal foods are always at the top of the menu. This makes dining in the Seewirtschaft, Parzival and Bistro restaurants a culinary experience. The Seewirtschaft restaurant is solid and honest. A fresh steak, a cool beer and a convivial get-together – the perfect place for dinner with friends in a mountain hut setting directly on the water’s edge. The Therme’s Bistro is ideal for a snack between sauna sessions and thermal brine baths. Order a fresh salad in your bathrobe on the terrace and a freshly squeezed juice. Relax and try out the wide range of drinks on offer in the fireplace bar, even long after the sun has set.

Natural relaxation

Spread over more than 5,000 sqm, the Fontane Therme leaves no wellness desires unmet. Thanks to Brandenburg's only state-approved healing spring, everything revolves around the natural healing brine and its calming effect on the body. More than 100,000 years ago, water collected at a depth of 1,500 metres, which means that it is free of today's environmental influences. The thermal water obtained in this way is not only used in the Fontane Therme, which is part of Resort Mark Brandenburg, but also heats all the rooms in the hotel.

The holistic spa concept comprises three thermal brine pools, a summer meadow by the lake and a floating lake sauna. At 400 m², it is the largest in Germany. Glass fronts provide a view of the lake, large swings invite you to dream and the sun deck provides direct access to the lake. In addition, guests can choose from a large freshwater pool and eight saunas. Those who wish to indulge in a special pampering ceremony can choose between different massages and treatments, such as authentic Ayurveda treatments, cosmetic treatments or a Hamam ritual. For many people, fitness is part of the all-round experience of relaxation: excess energy can be easily discharged in the integrated fitness studio when participating in courses such as Qigong, boxing, spinning or Pilates.

Interview with Martina Jeschke, Hotel Director at Resort Mark Brandenburg

She learned it from scratch. Martina Jeschke sold ice cream at the age of 14, then completed an apprenticeship, studied and managed restaurants, hotels and organised many events at the same time. Even at this stage, she was already professionally involved in the situation of making things work that hadn't worked before. Today, Martina Jeschke has been the Hotel Director at Resort Mark Brandenburg for approximately ten years. At that time there was no spa, no wellness offerings, only rooms, empty restaurants and meeting rooms. She put Resort Mark Brandenburg on its feet.

Interview with Martina Jeschke, Hotel Director at Resort Mark Brandenburg

You and your hotel are successful – and, on top of that, in Brandenburg, the state where many hoteliers and restaurateurs have worry lines engraved on their forehead. How did you manage this success?

We simply have a good product; if you have this you can be successful anywhere in the world. In an unknown destination with the obstacles typical of Brandenburg, it just takes a little longer than elsewhere. In addition to the natural environment, i.e. the favourable location on the lake and the unique mineral resources – our brine – we have been very lucky to be able to develop ourselves. Our resort is privately owned and I have had the privilege of designing and developing it as if it were my own. Our managing director trusts in our skills and keeps the worries others have off our backs. This gives a product air to breathe and the chance to become even better all the time. Word gets around.

Do you have particular principles?

We are sensible, solid, take care of our employees, the environment and take responsibility for all our actions. We want to be the best and have fun – we know our weaknesses and deal with them openly. We would buy our product ourselves.

Do you have a lot of plans for the future? Where to next?

We continuously strive to improve, correct, renew. We are planning developments regarding brine. We have an outstanding mineral treasure to exploit in sheer unlimited quantities and to give it the prestige it deserves above ground. The natural healing brine – the only state-certified brine in Brandenburg, by the way – has qualities that will make it possible to develop and exploit enormous potentials. In addition, we have several properties around the resort and will be setting up operations there to support the existing business and bring new business to it.

What are the priorities?

Clearly, the salt. It is not only the most interesting product from a commercial point of view, but it is also a matter close to our hearts. We conducted a survey among our employees and asked them to indicate their favourite out of many strategies for expansion. The chef chose a new production kitchen, all the others went for the salt.

Where is the salt currently being used?

In the kitchen and in some wellness applications. However, these are the first test areas.

How will they be developed?

First, we will do our homework, work out a development concept, prepare business plans, create a brand and then – off we go. Purely from a practical point of view, we will first set up a desalination plant. We want to sell our salts and products as soon as possible. Demand is extremely high – anyone who has used this salt for food production or as a therapeutic agent wants to have it available at all times. It is 100 percent natural and the source that supplies it is more than 100,000 years old. The brine has not been contaminated with any of the harmful substances that man has released on the surface of the earth. We have primeval sea salt in our hands, and that’s a pretty cool thing.

Security products

The stylish security systems from Wanzl are the ideal solution for buildings featuring sophisticated architecture and a high feel-good factor, such as the Resort Mark Brandenburg.

In the expansive entry area of the Fontane Therme , Wanzl installed two attractive "Transtec" turnstiles equipped with an integrated card scanner operating in both directions.

Security products

When guests enter or leave the Fontane Therme, the integrated pressure sensors automatically activate the motorised turnstile. Two electromechanical "Portec" turnstiles from Wanzl regulate entry to and exit from the expansive sauna area.


Hotel Service

Wanzl's professional competence ensures effective work processes in the hotel and catering trade – and thus also the competitiveness and business success of its partners.

The Wanzl "Hotel Service" business area delivered countless economical and user-friendly products for housekeeping, food & beverage, front office, and storage & shelving systems to the Resort Mark Brandenburg. Products include:

  • Luggage transport trolleys
  • Chambermaid trolleys
  • Minibar filling trolley
  • Room service tables
  • Laundry trolleys
  • Shelving systems
Hotel Service