Manchester Airport (GB)

Luggage transport trolleys for Manchester

With 20 million passengers and 159,000 flights in 2011, Manchester is the third largest airport in the UK.

Travel comfort in Manchester

Wanzl’s Passenger Handling Services division reported a major success in April 2012:

Manchester Airport had decided to introduce the Vending Unit luggage trolleys system at its three terminals. A total of 33 vending units spread across the airport now ensure that passengers find a fully functional and easy-to-manoeuvre luggage transport trolley wherever they are and whenever they need one. Passengers can remove one of a total of 2,000 Travel 300 trolleys from the trolley station for a fee of one pound or two euros. 
The new Wanzl trolleys have replaced a 15-year old fleet from one of Wanzl's competitors.

In Great Britain there is a certain reticence at the idea

of paying a deposit for a luggage transport trolley. Nonetheless, the European approach has shown that 'pay-per-use' solutions ensure luggage trolleys are ready for passengers where and when they need them. "Manchester Airport has provided comprehensive information to passengers about the usage fees and about the advantages offered," explains a spokesperson for Manchester Airport. "We are convinced that our passengers will value the quality and functionality of the vending units and the Travel 300 pay-to-use luggage transport trolleys.

This additional service adds value to the travel experience." "The vending units will be put into operation in April," according to the responsible Wanzl project manager, Lyndon Hellings. "We had been on-site with a team of five engineers since mid-March. And just one month later all the trolley stations were ready for use, supported by the Wanzl engineers Andreas Ruf and Christian Schmucker and the employees of Manchester Airport. The installation was perfectly executed."

"The Manchester Airport Group, which has a total of four airports, is well-known for its excellent customer service," explains Wanzl Passenger Handling Services Account Manager Jon Hibbins.

Passenger surveys have shown that the luggage transport trolleys used previously did not meet expectations regarding performance and availability. Manchester Airport therefore decided on the elegant, user-friendly Travel 300. 
The model is available and ready for use at numerous conveniently placed vending units, all supplied and installed by Wanzl. 
This order, from one of Britain's most frequented airports, represents a huge recognition of the quality and innovation of Wanzl.

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Jon Hibbins, Wanzl Passenger Handling Services Account Manager and Worrick Mosley, Head of Sales Wanzl UK (from left)