Adif (ESP)

Travel 300 BL luggage trolleys for 19 Spanish train stations

Sleek AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) high-speed trains race across Spain at speeds of up to 330 km/h along lengths of track covering around 3,000 kilometres. With a travel time of 2.5 hours, the journey from Madrid to Barcelona, more than 600 km away, is nothing more than a short hop. Madrid's Puerta de Atocha railway station is the central hub for the AVE

system and the perfect place to start any journey with connections in every direction, to Barcelona, Malaga, Seville or Valencia, converging here. This spring, Wanzl provided the high-speed stations with Travel 300 BL luggage transport trolleys, making light work of travel with all types of luggage.

High-speed rail travel in Spain is something else: Delays? Virtually eliminated, by 99%. At most, there is one every three years. And any AVE passenger arriving just five minutes late at their destination can claim a full refund of their travel costs. Nothing stands in the way of a carefree train journey. Once the stewardesses have handed out the complementary headsets for the on-board music programme, heads turn to gaze out of the window over endless olive groves, as the AVE purrs on its way, passing through La Mancha, the home of Don Quixote. In central Spain, summer temperatures outside can exceed 40° Celsius,

but inside the train, full air conditioning maintains a constant, comfortable temperature. Every day, 300 high-speed trains carry up to 100,000 passengers to and from 80 Spanish towns and cities with the swiftness of an arrow. That amounts to some 23 million passengers travelling by high-speed train every year. Even Spain's royal couple Felipe and Letizia have already sped their way across the Iberian Peninsula by AVE and are ready to board when a new connection is established. After all,
the AVE is the second fastest rail link in the world; only China has a faster one.

Designed in stainless steel, 1,150 Travel 300 BL luggage transport trolleys together with drop-off and pick-up points were deployed in spring 2016 for train passengers at 19 stations throughout Spain. The stainless steel design will withstand wind, weather and salty sea air for years to
come. Within two months, Wanzl's Spanish subsidiary delivered the luggage transport trolleys in batches of 20 to 180 to each of the terminals run by ADIF. This included individual numbering, operating instructions and information panels in various languages depending on the region and customer-specific pictograms; some were also fitted with travelator castors.


"As a system supplier, we coped brilliantly with this logistical challenge, right down to the last detail," says Edgar Pladellorens, Wanzl Spain's Subsidiary Manager. Delivery destinations included AVE high-speed railway stations, as well as conventional rail terminals for passenger services, including Pamplona, Cádiz, Algeciras, Almería and Salamanca. "Wanzl was awarded the contract because we are transport specialists for luggage with first-class references provided by Britain's Network Rail, Germany's Deutsche Bahn, Saudi Railways, Irish Rail and the Finnish VR Group.
Our Travel 300 and Voyager 3000 models are certified by Deutsche Bahn as luggage trolleys for railway stations.”