Wanzl Access Manager

The software tool for state-of-the-art access control

The new Galaxy Gate 1.1 from Wanzl has been revolutionising the access gate market for several months. In addition to visual and technical innovations, Wanzl Access Manager in particular takes this generation of access restrictions to the next level. An innovative software system visualises the entire passage area in real time and it is possible to integrate external devices if a web interface exists (e.g. Galaxyport or Technoport).

At the heart of this is the central dashboard, which displays and controls all the access systems connected to the Access Manager and all passage areas of a particular area on the desktop. This includes both Wanzl systems and external systems, enabling users to manage each access control in almost real time in a homogeneous overview. If necessary, it is also possible to group commands and manage multiple devices at the same time, for example. In turn, this makes life easier for security personnel. In addition to the overall overview, the dashboard can also be used to check the current operating status of the individual devices. Events such as unauthorised climbing over or crawling under are automatically displayed and logged via the Manager, and statistics on visitor numbers or alert messages are also visually highlighted. If necessary, a reliable recapitulation of all events of the passage process is thus guaranteed. If an access control is accidentally no longer closed as a result of manual opening, this can be indicated acoustically and visually in the user interface after a specified period of time in order to prevent unauthorised access.

Since security is the key task of Access Manager, it is possible to configure the visibility of the elements to be managed at locations or logistically related positions. When logging in, only the permissions configured for this user take effect. This makes it possible to map hierarchical authorisation management based on the company structure.

For systems with special security features, area monitoring for surrounding zones is also included, whereby a danger zone can be defined. This additional sensor system in the danger zone is used for the systematic separation of persons, taking into account customer-specific opening and closing scenarios. The opening angle of the toughened safety glass swivel arms can be controlled via the access cards, as can a person count with the Wanzl 3D People Counter, which counts all entrances and exits at the passageway and ensures that a maximum number of people is not exceeded. The cleaning mode supports service personnel in maintaining the equipment and prevents false alarms. Finally, the emergency open function can be used to open all systems at the push of a button if the users have the corresponding authorisation.

Access Manager is currently available in German and English; additional languages can be requested. Communication in the dashboard with the systems takes place exclusively in encrypted form and can be used by authorised persons anywhere where the infrastructure is available; smartphones or tablets are also supported. Software updates are carried out online without the need for extensive service calls.