Prevention is the key

Access systems with infection control by Wanzl

Stay healthy! The COVID-19 pandemic has made a person’s individual health status a societal matter. The main focus is on how to combine infection control with the gradual resumption of public life. The aim is to restore normality; the solution is to adapt. To gain new perspectives in dealing with the virus, Wanzl has developed two innovative solutions. The Galaxy Gate access gate has been modified to include body temperature screening and various access systems have been linked to a sanitiser dispenser.

The principle is as simple as it is effective. If a person’s body temperature is too high or disinfection has not been done, access is refused. Both further developments assist in containing disease transmission in public spaces and make it easier to handle everyday life during and, of course, after the pandemic. Besides the mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing, the golden rule to ensure hygiene when entering any building is: disinfection. In order to ensure compliance, Wanzl access systems can be linked to a sanitiser dispenser if required. The dispenser is positioned in front of the gate and automatically sprays disinfectant onto hands. Access authorisation is only granted after this step has been taken. The control is contactless and can be individually configured for entry or exit according to customer requirements.

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The body temperature screening unit on the Galaxy Gate is also contactless and does not require personnel. During authentication, the integrated thermal imaging camera reliably and accurately monitors whether the previously defined temperature limit has been exceeded with an accuracy of +- 0.5 degrees Celsius. If an acute fever is indicated, the person concerned will receive immediate assistance and instructions on the next steps they need to take will appear on a screen. Depending on the building layout, both solutions can make an effective contribution to meeting the new requirements for greater infection control in everyday life.

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Situation 1: Authorities
For many people, a trip to the authorities is an unavoidable necessity. Be it for a driving licence, change of residence or document - a crowded waiting room makes it difficult to protect oneself from bacteria and viruses. Temperature measurement at the entrance ensures that the risk of infection within the premises is reduced.

Situation 2: Museums and theatres
Cultural life will gradually resume after the lockdown, museums will open and theatres will start performances again. In addition to maintaining a safe distance and restricting the number of visitors, disinfection at the entrance is an effective means of preventing the virus from spreading and thus preventing a repeated lockdown.

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Situation 3: Open-plan offices
Returning to office premises after working from home is the first step back to a feeling of normality. But the risk of becoming infected with the virus on the way to work in a bus or train remains high. It would be a real nightmare to have to put an entire team into quarantine! Access authorisation only after hands have been disinfected significantly minimises the risk of infection.

Situation 4: Airports
Airports are a real flashpoint for infection - and an essential hub for reviving the economy and tourism. At first glance, it may seem impossible to check the temperatures of large numbers of passengers, but the Galaxy Gate with integrated thermal scanner provides a solution for ensuring safe arrival and departure.

Situation 5: Fitness studios
Hygiene has been an important issue for fitness studios since long before COVID-19. With operating hours of 24 hours a day and the high frequency of use of equipment and training groups in the training room, effective infection control is a major challenge. Both access solutions from Wanzl are suitable tools for this. Mandatory disinfection reduces the risk of infection and transmission, while temperature measurement protects each gym user personally - because training with a fever is always dangerous anyway.

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For even more protection: counting customers with the “3D People Counter”
To minimise the risk of infection, Wanzl provides a solution for effectively limiting the number of customers in a space with the video-based customer counting system, the “3D People Counter”. Counting is performed two-dimensionally via a stereoscopic camera in the entrance area. No personal data is collected or stored during the count. A screen provides information about the number of people in a space on a continuous basis. Once the maximum permitted number of persons has been reached, a message appears requesting customers to wait a short while before access is granted – for user-friendly, data protection-compliant and forward-looking building management.

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