Inspirations for staycationers

What customers want

Where do people like to go on vacation the most? To the mountains, to the sea – or do they just prefer to stay at home? Why travel to faraway places if it is possible to design one’s own wellness oasis according to one’s own expectations. “Living green” is also an idea for......

Sarah who gets the “best from around the globe” for her everyday vacation at home – in her city apartment. But what does such a staycationer’s paradise look like? The 31-year-old likes to look for inspiration in lifestyle and home décor magazines as well as by surfing the Internet. Best of all, Sarah likes to experience things with her senses: see colours, design nuances and sizes, feel materials and finishes as well as smell fragrances, which she can only do in a store. A well-known DIY store recently opened their own “green home specialist shop” in the centre of town – a dream come true for staycationers. Sarah quickly made her way there to immerse herself in the experience and let herself be inspired.

She arrives at the store with great expectations, hoping that it will meet them. Bland product presentation would put Sarah off – after all, she is looking to decorate her own personal place of retreat. She wants to see creative living environments that spark her imagination and arouse emotions. As soon as she enters this extraordinary store, she knows she has found the right place. Soft pastel tones blend perfectly with the light-coloured main colours of the various items and the lush green of the decorative plants. She loves to browse the aisles here and embarks on a journey of discovery. The latest living trends, innovative decorative items and snazzy do-it-yourself ideas are presented in an understated way: from macramé curtains to boho chic vases and multifunctional balcony tables. After her pleasant shopping trip, Sarah takes the tram to go back home. She takes with her many new design ideas, a hanging flower pot and a DIY set for macramé garlands. Enjoy designing your wellness oasis and we hope you have a relaxing time, Sarah!