Edeka Schätz in Nuremberg

Modern and individual – the new shoppers' paradise


Seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing, tasting – in the age of e-commerce, it is no longer necessary to use one’s senses. Search for, select and order an item – done. Those who remember family shopping on Saturdays know that shopping can be a great experience. Colourful confectionery, the aroma of freshly-baked bread, the sample at the cheese counter. Wanzl’s retail specialists prove that shopping in a brick-and-mortar shop using all the five senses can still be a great experience. In its latest shopfitting project, the innovation leaders from Leipheim have transformed the Schätz family’s Edeka store in Nuremberg into a trendy shoppers’ paradise.

"The main objective was to create an individual and unique interior design that reflects the philosophy and quality standards of the Schätz family and Edeka," says Tino Pilharcz, Head of Key Account Management Edeka National at Wanzl. On a chic, modern, industrial-style sales floor of approx. 2,500m², customers experience the various gourmet departments. The fruit and vegetable department takes shoppers to a farmers’ market Warm earth tones and wood elements highlight the freshness of the products – like in the famous Franconian "garlic country". A strong affinity with nature is also reflected in the decorative moss walls and wooden pendant lamps. Their natural light provides the perfect setting for the fruit and vegetables – just like at a real farmers’ market. The confectionery department, on the other hand, has a more playful feel. Swirling ceiling elements and retro-styled copper-coloured illuminated letters “Candy Shop” above the shelves are sure to make candy lovers’ hearts skip a beat. Wanzl’s pure tech robust wire shelving system fades into the background thanks to its delicate wire construction and puts the product in the spotlight. Assembled without the use of tools in just a few moments, the shelving system is an elegant shopping companion of the highest quality.


Pure tech provides the perfect setting for the store’s wine shop products in particular. Wine bottles from all over the world almost seem to float. Brick walls and individually designed special lighting with lampshades made from actual wine boxes give the customer the feeling of entering a wine cellar. But what would a good wine be without a fresh baguette? Under the motto "Baking is love formed from dough", written on the wall in large letters by the Wanzl designers, Edeka Schätz presents all kinds of delicacies in the bakery department. The neighbouring area, the specially designed snack department, is cleverly planned. Tantalised by the wonderful aroma of freshly baked goods, customers readily pick something from the wide range of convenience products. The snack section saves the customer valuable time during lunch breaks or when shopping after work, especially when time is short.


Once customers have found what they were looking for from the many well organised departments, the Edeka Schätz checkout area in warm wooden panelling welcomes customers. Attractive product displays at the cash registers encourage impulse shopping. Customers’ shopping experience continues even after they have paid. Various gastronomy offerings guarantee the perfect finish to a successful shopping trip.

Wanzl Shop Solutions combines cosiness with modernity in the Schätz family's Edeka branch and offers brick-and-mortar shopping pleasure with practical, technical finesse. Tino Pilharcz sums up the overall successful project: "The supermarket cannot be reduced to just one highlight in a certain area. From our point of view the entire store wins people over with a fantastic, modern and unique concept."