Access restrictions return to retail

The Wanzl 3D People Counter efficiently monitors the number of people in store

Access restrictions for retail establishments come into force once again in Bavaria as of Wednesday, 24 November 2021. Limiting the number of customers allowed in store at one time proved to be a sensible measure to protect against the spread of infection during previous peaks of the pandemic. Wanzl has an efficient system on offer to support its retail partners: the 3D People Counter.

Minimising the risk of infection through social distancing

Social distancing is one of the most effective means of reducing the risk of infection. Thanks to video-based customer counting, the Wanzl 3D People Counter enables a smooth process for limiting the number of people in store. The sensor-based person counter detects incoming and outgoing customers with the highest degree of counting accuracy. No personal data is collected or stored during the count. It is exclusively an anonymous count of the people entering and exiting the store. The system does not record any videos or recognise any individual characteristics. Data protection requirements completely fulfil ePrivacyseal GmbH requirements. A screen informs customers waiting outside the entrance how many people are currently in the store as well as how many can currently be admitted. Once the maximum number of customers in the store has been reached, this information is provided visually and, as an option, also acoustically. The maximum number of people can be set according to the square metres of floor area. The special feature of this video-based people counter from Wanzl is that it also functions seamlessly when there are multiple entrances and exits. All that is needed is a stereoscopic camera for two-dimensional detection for reliable counting at entrances/exits. The only requirements are one or more power sockets and Internet access at the entrance.

Increased store performance

The system also boasts further areas of application, as the supplied hardware already includes the basic package for the digital store management system “wanzl connect®”. With additional cameras in the store, even more data can be collected, such as: do customers gather in a specific area (zone tracking) and what does the customer flow look like in specific key areas (heat mapping)? This information helps to make better decisions regarding the situation in the store and customer behaviour. It also supports marketing campaigns and can help optimise the deployment of staff, especially in the checkout area. To do this, the software evaluates the various data sets: the figures delivered by the 3D People Counter depending on the average length of time customers spend in the store, the current movement of customers around the store and also historical data regarding peak times and capacity utilisation over time are integrated into the analysis. Using this data as a basis, wanzl connect® provides store managers with real-time recommendations for action by sending a message to a headset or smart device.