Permanently antimicrobial handle coating

  • Hygiene and safety for your customers when buying groceries
  • Reliably and continuously combats viruses, bacteria and dangerous pathogens
  • Effectiveness of coating clinically tested and proven

The development of an appropriate hygiene strategy remains a major challenge due to the persistence of coronavirus. Reliable preventive hygiene is indispensable especially in sectors with highly frequented areas such as the food retail sector. As a constant companion in the store and a point of contact, the shopping trolley is of major importance for customers. This is because customers see safety and hygiene in particular as a positive user experience. With SanGuard, the innovative surface coating, Wanzl ensures the highest standard of hygiene available on the market – for permanently antimicrobial shopping trolley handles.

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SanGuard with germicidal action

SanGuard is a transparent, chemical-resistant and abrasion-proof coating system with a continuous germicidal action for the surfaces of shopping trolley handles. It prevents the regeneration of viruses and bacteria and further growth of viruses and bacteria is contained.

SanGuard with germicidal action

Reliably combats viruses, bacteria and dangerous pathogens

SanGuard's effectiveness is due to the use of nanosilver. The silver particles in the nanosilver reliably protect surfaces and materials from microbial contamination. When a surface coated with SanGuard comes into contact with moisture, silver ions are released and react with the DNA of bacteria which interferes with the metabolic pathways essential for their survival. This results in the death of the bacteria. The effectiveness of silver ions against fungi and viruses has also been proven. SanGuard is physiologically harmless.

Reliably combats viruses, bacteria and dangerous pathogens

SanGuard's effectiveness has been clinically tested

A case study conducted by the University of Regensburg proved under clinical conditions that nanosilver is effective in helping to maintain hygiene between cleaning cycles. After just one hour after application, 90% of viruses on the substrate failed to survive. After just 8 hours, the viral load was reduced by up to 99.99%.

SanGuard provides effective protection for 20 years

Whereas traditional cleaning processes only improve hygiene for very short periods of time, SanGuard works long term. The latest trials and extrapolations have resulted in a period of effectiveness lasting more than 20 years. SanGuard thus prevents the proliferation of dangerous pathogens and provides safety for customers when buying their groceries. In addition, SanGuard is food safe, temperature-resistant, abrasion- and scratch-proof, as well as chemically resistant to conventional cleaning and disinfection measures.