MiRHook transport robot

Autonomous onward transport

  • Autonomous transportation of order picking trolleys and mobile containers
  • Easy operation and programming
  • Up to 500 kg trailer load

Once the orders have been picked, they must be sent on to the dispatch area as quickly as possible. An employee usually pushes the fully loaded order picking trolleys there. Use an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) as a tractor for onward transport! This means that your employees will be able to take on more high-value tasks in the future.

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The principle

The MirHook200 transport robot uses a gripper arm to pull the order picking trolley to the pre-programmed position, safely and efficiently manoeuvring around people and obstacles. It is not necessary to convert the existing facilities.

  • Automated transportation solutions for indoor spaces
  • Automatic pick-up and drop-off of trolleys
  • Trailer load: up to 500 kg
  • Maximum speed: 1.1 m/s
  • Range: 10 hours or 15 km

Control system

Easy operation and programming of the transport robot using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Extremely user-friendly user interface
  • The configurable dashboard makes it easy to customise the user interface to meet the user's specific needs
  • The MiR robots drive to the charging station independently and plug themselves in


Automate your internal logistics quickly and easily!

  • Employees who previously had to push a trolley are freed up for high-value tasks
  • Optimised production processes
  • Increased productivity at a moderate cost
  • Fewer supply bottlenecks and unproductive times
  • No downtimes between process steps


We take safety seriously!

  • Meets the safety requirements in accordance with EN 1525, SICK safety laser, PLD Cat. 3
  • CE-certified
  • ESD-tested
  • Certified for cleanrooms