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Guidance and security systems

Steering, guiding, demarcating and protecting: manual and electronic guidance systems from Wanzl always show the right way in any direction. Suitable for retail – especially at the checkout – but also for logistics and industry, with a robust bumper for day-to-day use. Wanzl guidance systems protect sensitive areas against unauthorised access. Authorised persons are of course granted unrestricted access, including individual entry separation. Wanzl puts security on the agenda!

Motor-driven pallet passage

Reliably steer the movement of goods

N exit 1400 and 2000

Flexible and safe in two heights: 1400 mm and 2000 mm

NX stainless-steel guide bumpers

Perfect appearance, perfect function

Part Flex 2000

Flexible guidance system

Part Line 2000

One of the finest examples of guidance systems

Portec turnstile

Electro-mechanical turnstile

ProTec® 3 bumper

Robust, functional and attractive

Railix® Basic

Elegant clarity

Railix® Colour

Partitions with the right perspective

Railix® Design

Transparent partitioning

Railix® Security

Room partition to satisfy the very highest requirements