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Deposit systems and machines

That's real organisation: Wanzl coin deposit systems guarantee well-regulated trolley recirculation in any situation. With Wanzl products, automatic access is also under control, with no queues or time wasted: at Wanzl ticket machines, individuals can make payment by self-service or by using their membership card. Alternatively, practical credit top-ups or debits can also be carried out. Wanzl has three ticket machine variants on offer: the prepaid pay station, the ticketing machine and the combined pay-later machine. Wanzl has the perfect solution for every single application.

Promobox® Plus

Ergonomic handle unit with integrated coin deposit system and advertising space

Starbox® coin deposit system

System with coin slot, seamlessly integrated into the handle

Solid coin deposit system

System with coin slide technology for transport trolleys

Classic coin deposit system

Proven system with coin slide

Vending unit V21

Interactive vending unit and ticket machine


Classic ticket machine – can be used universally

Vending unit NG

Paying trolley release systems

Bike&CarEnergy charging station

A special service for more store traffic

Guide rails

Collection point for luggage trolleys

Row docking station for shopping trolleys

For docking shopping trolleys at the entrance or in a trolley shelter