Trolley management goes digital

Monitor your fleet with wanzl connect

No more lugging luggage around

Having trolleys available in the trolley parks is an essential requirement for any airport. However, if the trolleys don’t have a coin deposit system, they are often not returned. They end up spread all over the terminal – and this quickly adds up to a considerable area when there are multiple levels and several terminals involved. To save staff from having to walk miles without a definite destination, Wanzl is working on digital monitoring for trolleys.

Same principle as in retail

The wanzl connect software-based solution is already being used in the retail sector to monitor shopping trolleys, for instance. The experience and feedback from users will now be used to optimise the management of luggage transport trolleys. Optimum, customer-specific solutions for airports will soon be available, thanks to the experts in the Airport team.

The Smart Trolley with RFID

The RFID technology can be used to check how full the individual luggage trolley parks are in real time and, if necessary, proactive steps can be taken to ensure that the trolleys are spread evenly across the site.

Complete solution for fleet managers

This software solution enables all data to be collected, processed and evaluated on a single platform – optimising the trolley management processes. The fleet manager can act as an information, communication and control centre for Wanzl products, as well as for equipment from other manufacturers.

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