Aral, Merklingen (D)

A relaxing journey: EasyGo with ticket machine

Located on Nellinger Strasse, right next to the A8 in Merklingen, there is plenty going on this Tuesday morning at Rolf Pohl’s ARAL petrol station. Open just like every other day – in fact, it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week 

without a break – after all, travellers, commuters and truck drivers are on the road every day, all throughout the year. Visitors can fill up their vehicles with petrol and use the restroom facilities to ensure they continue their journey relaxed and refreshed.

EasyGo access control with an integrated ticket machine allows people to access the restroom facilities in return for a usage fee “At the same time, our customers receive a voucher that they can use with us in the shop straight away. Not only does this increase sales in the shop, but it also guarantees that the restroom facilities remain clean. Users confirm the success of this approach, as many commuters and travellers frequently come back to see us for a quick stop in Merklingen. We offer many things to our customers, including a comprehensive selection of coffee to set them up for their onward journey. They are delighted to use the voucher to make the most of the offer,” comments Rolf Pohl, from the ARAL petrol station in Merklingen.

Secure access to areas that require a fee

Wanzl has equipped the ARAL petrol station in Merklingen and the JET petrol station in Dornstadt with EasyGo access control, including integrated ticket machines. Since their installation, the systems have been generating plenty of additional income for their operators, following a short period to recuperate the costs. The closed stainless steel housing is visually impressive, with the guiding elements reliably ensuring that only one person is let through at a time.

EasyGo is available with either two or three arms, and rotates either to the left or the right. The integrated ticket machine includes a coin machine with hopper for re-sorting and a supply of up to 1,100 coins, a coin checker, and a voucher printer. The output of statistics and frequency measurements can be freely configured. The engineering and design are also ideal for use in museums and event locations.

CLEAN AND SIMPLE: EasyGo access control including integrated ticket machine at the JET petrol station in Dornstadt.

Secure access to areas that require a fee
Access systems from Wanzl are certainly worthwhile. The investment costs for the system were amortised very quickly.
Rolf Pohl, Aral-Tankstelle Merklingen