Harmonious design and function

Wanzl Access Solutions installs entrance system in the foyer of manroland web industrial park GmbH


If buildings could tell stories, construction in existing buildings would resemble a novel with an open ending. Each newly installed material, each step of a revitalisation forms a separate chapter in the development of the building and is at the same time part of an overall impression that the visitor receives. In the foyer of manroland web Industriepark GmbH in Augsburg, guests discover details such as dark real wood or black floor tiles that create an effect of their own as well as producing tension when combined, while massive walls of grey exposed concrete meet high window façades. The access system from Wanzl Access Solutions sets a subtle accent of stainless steel and glass in the heart of the foyer. The welcome atmosphere, which was created here step by step and which seems so natural, is based on technical finesse, planning and communication.

The headquarters of manroland web Industriepark GmbH: exterior view of the foyer. In this story, the building material itself is a twist in the plot because it has undergone a change of use. It was originally planned simply as a company location, but today the premises serve as an industrial park which up to 1,500 employees enter and leave every day. The building complex is managed by manroland web Industriepark GmbH. Its origins lie in manroland web systems GmbH. Today, works of art in the foyer testify to its core business, the assembly and manufacture of printing presses. Its sister company manroland web Industriepark GmbH now manages, administers and leases the premises and also has its own offices here.

Its employees use the access gate, as do the tenants and visitors to the industrial park. A big task for the team headed by Jürgen Heim, Head of Building Technology, and Marcus Wohlfart, Project Manager. Heim sums up: "The conversion of the site has significantly changed the requirements for our security concept. Employees from various companies come and go here every day. They want to feel welcome and require uncomplicated access. Nevertheless, the access area must be protected against unauthorised access by unauthorised persons. In order to accomplish this balancing act, we have opted for an automatic access system. For the employees, electronic access control was something new in their everyday working lives. Wohlfart explains: "We control employee access in the industrial park centrally using SAP software. The Galaxy Gate could be easily integrated into our existing system. Instead of registering with security personnel as before, employees now hold their RFID badges to the Galaxy Gate's card reader. Once identification is completed, the gate's ESG swivel arms open and allow immediate entry. Access authorisation is additionally visualised on the swivel arms by means of a green LED signal. It is simple and straightforward to handle, and the new technology was quickly adopted.”

Wanzl_manroland_Galaxy Gate_03_© Wanzl.jpg

The capacities in the manroland industrial park are far from exhausted, and the number of employees is constantly increasing as a result of new leases. In addition, the companies located in the industrial park regularly receive small to large groups of visitors, who also benefit from the access system. Jürgen Heim explains why: "The system considerably reduces our employees’ workload because it frees up time for attending to visitors personally." They are greeted at the reception desk in the foyer. It is designed in lighter wood and already catches the eye on entry with its discreetly illuminated letters mounted at the front. The symmetrical arrangement of access system and reception in a straight line leading towards the entrance door creates clarity. It gives the room more depth, while the Wanzl entrance is harmoniously integrated with its glass design allowing a view of the reception area.

Wanzl_manroland_Galaxy Gate_02_© Wanzl.jpg

In addition to its administrative activities, manroland web Industriepark GmbH is also an in-house expert for occupational safety and hazardous substance management, which is why it places particular importance on compliance with the latest safety standards. The company also operates a maintenance workshop and a canteen with 300 seats, a kitchen and a guest casino. Deliveries of merchandise and goods of any size arrive daily. What they all have in common is that they have to pass through the security gate first. In order to meet these different requirements, Heim decided on a combined solution: "By adding a Galaxy Port to the Galaxy Gate, we have created barrier-free access for larger quantities of goods and bulky items. Larger groups of visitors can also gain access quickly and easily." To completely secure the access area, the security gate closes flush and elegantly along the wall with a glass partition. Marcus Wohlfart explains: "Design played a key role for us, especially in the foyer. The access system elegantly adapts to the surroundings through the use of high-quality materials such as ESG glass and stainless steel, while the azure-blue LED luminaires unobtrusively and harmoniously accentuate the passageways of the gate.

This overall picture rounds off the architectural development history of the building – if you ask Marcus Wohlfart about the most exciting chapter, he has to smile: "Besides scheduling it to just under three weeks? Certainly the building material itself! Revitalising an existing building requires both flexibility and skill from planners and construction companies. The foyer was originally not designed for a security gate, but it has now become necessary. Existing dimensions and passage widths were given and, despite the small footprint, space had to be kept for the visitor counter. The customisability of Wanzl's access system was therefore a key selection criterion for us." In addition to visible challenges, the existing building technology also demanded a lot from the installation. The underfloor heating required detailed planning, the access system had to be integrated into the fire alarm system and the escape routes had to be secured.

Wanzl_manroland_Galaxy Gate_01_© Wanzl.jpg

The result radiates lightness – the planning behind it remains hidden from the observer. This is how a good story works. But what was the guiding principle of this construction project for Jürgen Heim? The answer is easy: "Communication. We were in close contact with Wanzl, both on the phone and in person during on-site inspections. This was the only way to achieve an integrative planning process that ultimately led to this harmonious and architecturally successful modernisation."