Sigma pitched roof trolley shelter

Shopping trolley shelter – use day and night

  • Protects your shopping trolleys against theft and the elements
  • Ease of use thanks to mechanical or electrical drive on the roller shutter
  • Simple, timeless design – suits any environment

The Sigma pitched roof trolley shelter, for car parks at busy stores, blends in well with any environment. A roller shutter turns your trolley shelter into a garage for your trolleys, keeping them clean and in better condition for longer. Lighting for Sigma pitched roof trolley shelters catches the eye at night and helps customers to find their way around stores with long opening hours. After closing time, the all-round glass enclosure and the lockable roller shutter securely protect your shopping trolley assets against theft.

Preview Sigma pitched roof trolley shelter
Sigma pitched roof trolley shelter
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Colours and materials

The aluminium rails on the Sigma pitched roof are available in attractive standard colours or, if you prefer, in your colour of choice.

Blood Orange RAL 2002

Flame Red RAL 3000

Ultramarine Blue RAL 5002

Yellow Green RAL 6018

White Aluminium RAL 9206

Grey Aluminium RAL 9007

Metallic Anthracite RAL 7097


Interior lighting

Weatherproof design with 58 watt lights.

Waste bin

Plastic design

Waste bin

Metal design

Interchangeable folding frame

Aluminium design, with protection film.

Row docking station

A row docking station, with or without an information board, can be added for the secure provision of shopping trolleys.

Product details

Standard design

Aluminium profiles that are rounded on the outside; mounted on both sides on aluminium square tubes with plastic profiles to function as a guide and a bumper for shopping trolleys. Freely height-adjustable feet compensate for uneven ground. Side and roof components made from transparent acrylic glass panels.

Roller shutter: Side aluminium profiles with integrated guide and plastic protection profiles. Aluminium shutter slats with rigid foam filling. Operated with electric motor or mechanical handle. 
Surface: Aluminium profiles with plastic powder coating in seven standard colours, multi-coloured design on request, e.g. to match your store CI.

Effective protection

Effective protection
During the day, your customers have access to dry, neat and tidy shopping trolleys. Your shopping trolleys will be well protected against the weather and theft at night in the Sigma pitched roof, with its shutter and all-round acrylic glazing.

Ease of use

Ease of use
The Sigma pitched roof can be opened and closed electrically or mechanically. With the convenient electric version, the roller shutter can be operated using a key switch.

Simple, clean lines

Simple, clean lines
With its clear design, the new Sigma pitched roof communicates the store’s brand and cleanliness values even from the car park. It is versatile and open to a wide array of customer needs.

Design freedom

Design freedom
The aluminium rails on the Sigma pitched roof are available in attractive standard colours or, if you prefer, in your colour of choice to fit in beautifully with your store CI.

Shutter protection profiles

Shutter protection profiles
Extra-strong aluminium side profiles with two additional plastic impact protection profiles on the outside to protect against damage to the shutter rails.


Freely adjustable feet balance out any uneven terrain and make sure that all Sigma pitched roof trolley shelters stand securely wherever they are.