Roll-out in East Asia

Wanzl supplies an airport in Taiwan and 14 airports in South Korea

  • 5,100 Travel 400 luggage transport trolleys and 1,230 Easy 88 duty-free trolleys for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.
  • 7,275 Travel 400 luggage transport trolleys for 14 airports in South Korea.
  • World leader Wanzl's market share for luggage transport trolleys in South Korea is now 100%.
  • Wanzl's speed of production, first-class quality and customised solutions are winning factors.

Luggage transport trolleys from Wanzl have been deployed at over 350 airports worldwide. In May, the Travel 400 model was also rolled out at Terminal 1 of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Wanzl supplied 2,500 trolleys to Taipeh from Germany. The order from Taiwan's largest airport, which is the most important hub for China Airlines, included a further 600 Easy 88 duty-free trolleys which were manufactured at Wanzl's production site in Shanghai. Just as the first trolleys were delivered, Wanzl was awarded the contract for terminal 2 and received a second order from Taiwan. Another 2,600 Travel 400 luggage transport trolleys with folding brackets for additional luggage restraint and 630 Easy 88 trolleys were delivered to Taoyuan Airport in August/September.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Benefits of the Travel 400 and Easy 88

The Travel 400 from Wanzl is a tried-and-tested classic model in use throughout the world.

Its key features are its robust, durable design, sturdy luggage support, excellent stability when transporting heavy loads, spacious luggage area, easy handling and good manoeuvrability when nested. These benefits make the Travel 400 an ideal solution for any type of luggage.

Benefits of the Travel 400 and Easy 88

Wanzl's Easy 88 model is custom-made for the Asian market; its generous advertising space and basket make this model very popular amongst duty-free shop owners and advertising agents.


Wanzl trolleys for 14 airports in South Korea

The successful Travel 400 model has also won over Korea Airports Corporation (KAC); for more than two years, 6,000 of the elegant stainless steel luggage trolleys have been in use at Incheon International Airport in the South Korean capital Seoul. Wanzl has recently received an order from KAC to supply a further 14 airports in South Korea with a total of 7,275 stainless steel Travel 400 trolleys. This follow-up order takes Wanzl's market share for luggage trolleys at South Korea's airports to 100%. Wanzl expects to deliver the trolleys to the customer in August 2015 for use at Jeju, Gimpo, Kimhea, Cheongju, Daegu, Yangyang, Gwangju, Muan, Ulsan, Pohang, Yeosu, Gunsan, Sacheon and Wonju airports. An additional order of 2,000 trolleys has been placed for Jeju airport, serving the holiday island known as the Mallorca of South Korea, making the airport a key transport hub for tourists.

Jeju holiday island

Quality from Swabia

12,300 Travel 400 luggage transport trolleys are currently being manufactured at Wanzl's production site in Kirchheim for a current order from Taiwan and South Korea. "This massive order once again secures Wanzl's position as the global market leader for luggage transport trolleys," said Ralf Aubele, Head of Airport + Security Solutions at Wanzl.

Quality from Swabia

Wanzl Airport + Security Solutions

Wanzl is the world market leader for luggage transport trolleys and a global leader for passenger guidance systems. Airports worldwide appreciate Wanzl's product range and level of service. As a system supplier, Wanzl assumes complete responsibility for trolley management and trolley monitoring. Passenger guidance systems steer passenger flows and ensure controls of passengers at the airport gates that are not only highly precise but also fast and tamper-proof. If requested, Wanzl develops premium-quality customised products according to individual customer requirements – from raw material sourcing and product processing, right up to delivery and After Sales service.